Competition Rankings for February

yay one for me

I’ve had one cool LD in February, and one dream about me succeeding in doing WILD, (a lucid dream within a normal dream?)

So, 1.

4 makes 39

another one last night… I would say. the one last night was the best one I have ever had…

I had 2 last night, but both only lasted 10-15 seconds, and I had hardly any control. The first time the dream scene started to fade in both dreams, I spun around and the dream melted away right in front of me. Are we counting those?

ahh I went to bed for aobut a hour and had yet another :grin:

one more for me

I’ve had 3 so far this month

One more here. That makes three :cool:

I have had two very short ones so far this month… which is one more than last month!!!

3 more makes 42. I only got a few hours of sleep last night :smile:

1 more for benny! [Makes 3]

niiiice Ben!

wow u guys dont seem to LD much i have them about 5 times a week so i would guess iv had around 30 or 40

1 more for me this night. (4 in february)

First off, its Febuary’s 2nd week. So at most you’d have 10 as you say.

2nd off I have 3-8 per night in REM, 1-4 per night in nREM, and about 5 mid-day WILDs on average. I only post my REM ones by request.

Dont come in and just put other people down.

and for the rankings, 6 last night makes 48. :smile:

ho… i just started before a week to practice RC and MILD… :cry:

I finally had a LD long enough to count :cool_laugh: , but as usual I woke up after about 10-15 seconds :sad:

courage Jarod :smile:

I had a WILD today. makes 6 for this month.

2 LDs.