Competition Rankings for January

21… where’s the limit? You are aware that you can only have like 20 dreams a night or so (just roughly, giving each dream max 10 minutes, and still most of those dreams won’t even be seperate dreams at all, only in your memory), since the amount of REM is not endless, right? lol.

yeah my friend kept waking me up and I was like no not again, so i had to wild back into them liek 7 times, before i could actually sleep normally, then i got my 14 regular LDs, lol regular.

Freecube if I had a lucid cold like you i’ll never want it to go away :wink:

I had 3 last night. total = 3.

Nice going Dark Sider :grin:
I only had a short one that I’ll count as 0.5 :tongue: But atleast I managed to get back into it 2-3 times and I actually tried to write down something IRL while LDing, or maybe it was just HI but anyway it was very vivid. But it didn’t work to write it down though :sad: I lost visuals.

0,5 here too. I was lucid for many short moments during the last two hours of sleep, most of it was irc dreams. I’ll post after work.

1 for me last night

13 last night, and 1 during study hall :smile:

LOL LOL oh man thats funny. i remember doing that back in november. I would fall asleep during math then wake up and write down my dreams. good times

I had 15 again last night. My cold has kept me constant there. Weird.

1 more.

+1=4 :smile:

I will not count it yet as a LD, but after having some heavy MILDing tonight, i think i saw in ND that i fell asleep and immedeately made RC that worked. There was a DC besides me, and if i remember correctly i suggested him to do the RC too :tongue: I can remember only that lucidity lasted some seconds (max. 10 i think), and then i probably entered into some ND. Anyway, my brain was too sleepy to remember anything more about it, and as it was only a lucid moment, i will wait for next nights to give me first decent lucid dream for this year :peek:

Put me down for four LDs for Janurary.

15 last night… that makes 74 :smile:

5 ld’s

15 last night 1 during study hall, and 2 during drama :smile:


Going good, +1 again makes 5.

Another short one. I don’t know if it should count or not :cool:

It seemed long to me :grin: So I’ll count it for you :tongue:

Had 18 last night, I tried WBTB a few times considering my cold is done, and it worked :smile: And I actually have recall this time :smile: