Competition Rankings for January

I had two LD’s last night :grin:.

But I can remember around ten to twenty seconds from each (though those few secodns are in quite good detail) :sad:.

6 ld’s

I’ll join again. 2 LDs so far :smile:

I had 2 last night.

I had a LD last night… or should I say this dinnertime :tongue:

Congrats moogle! :happy:

One more (low level WILD), so that makes 3.

had one last night :cool_laugh:

2 LD’s, a low lucid last week and a nice high lucid one yesterday.

One here, too!

Hey, you got the LD you were hoping for :cool:.

I came close twice, but the first time, my brother woke me up just as my RC passed (he has an unusually loud voice). I got to sleep, again, was about to take a RC when I was woken again (by my brother again… talkinh in his very loud voice again…)

Now finally my first LD this year. It took time, but “end is good - all is good” as we say here ;o)


Ok, here’s my diagram of what I did while I was gone.

Day one: 6 WILDs in the car, 2 when I got there. 3 before bed and 20 that night (I slept like 12 hours and WBTBed a ton, like every night on vacation)

Day 2: 1 WILD in the day, 20 LDs that night again.

Day 3: 6 WILDs, 18 LDs that night

Day 4: 19 WILDs (Long snowy nighttime car drive, I liked it alot :smile:) and 17 LDs that night

Total while gone: 112

112 + 92 = 204 :smile: :happy: :smile: :happy:

I had a looong one while napping! In several parts! :cool_laugh:

Had 2 last night :smile:

9 ld’s

14 last night.

I ate food this time and expected it to taste good. It was awesome. I had tons of meat and chocolate muffins :razz:

My second one this month. Talking about what you did in your last ND to DC-s does wonders as lucidity trigger :tongue:

4 LDs

2.5 last night for me :grin: