Competition Rankings for January

I got one ld just a moment ago. Yay! :smile:

I had another one … at last! :thud:
“Reader, I Married Him” * or Toilets, Toilets, Toilets Part 9

I was so relieved it was a dream :whew: that I didn’t do anything in it but smile! :tongue:

On the very 1st of the 1st of 2007

1 LD :smile: for 2007.

Total since last year = 12

i have had three so far in 2007 :cool:

1 … first for the new year :content:

My apologies for the delay, :cry: I was on a skiing trip and then we had soem internet problems. I’ll be updating this shortly.

Yikes!! :cool_laugh: If inquisitor bob isn’t joking then I had better brush up on my LDing.

1 last night making 14.5 in total so far. I’m gonna try beating Bob. ^^ Well, what he has right now.

one more LD … so that makes 2 for January :yay:

Lucid and Lonely

.5 last night so 15 now.

2 last night making 17.

+.5 = 3

I’ve got three so far this year.

Four so far for january.

one more … making 3 (since I count all LDs as full ones since they are harder to come by when not using WILD :tongue: )

the Sky at Night (or ‘AN FA ATE MY LD!’)

1 last night where I finally found Python Angel!
18 for January.

Another one making 19 in total so far.

EDIT: Rather then triple posting, Jan. 20, I had 3 which makes 22 in total now.

Finally, first full LD for the new year.

4 total.

Link in my sig if you want to read it :colgate:

Two last night! That makes 5.

2 last night making 24.

I got only 1 in January so far :neutral: