Competition Rankings for July

Two. I think we’re back on track!


Holidays are bliss :content:

5 LDs

2 :smile:

6 ld’s

3 so far, i gotta start doing my DJ again

7 ld’s

3 LDs :content:

No LD so far :sad:

But I found my 2002 LD book and there were 4 LD I didn’t notice. So my total goes to 33. Little consolation.

I had 2 LDs :cool_laugh:

But I think one was a false LD :cry: and the other one was only 1-2 sec :sad:

And I won’t count any of those :sleep:

Ah, this will probably be a good month :smile:
3 so far

9 ld’s

Damn, it’s been a week already and not one LD…

I’m gonna have one tonight…


2 LDs.

19 so far.

But how does he do ? I’m staying at 0 LD this month :sad:

I had 2 tonight :cool: but they where quite short, but long enough to count in the competition.

7 LDs

10 ld’s

  1. Again with heavy SP :smile:

12 ld’s