Competition Rankings for July

2 LD’s :cool:

I would like to join. No LDs yet, but I am jumping back on track!

5 LDs.

1 LD so far… :smile:

2 tiny LDs on Saturday morning and 1 this night.

14 ld’s

11 LDs

I’ve had 5 LD’s so far.

15 ld’s

3 LDs

4 LDs :clap:

2, thus far.

raise your hands in the aaaaa—yer!

6 LDs.

ive had 4 lucid dreams this month

do astral projections count as lucid dreams? if so, make that about 12


I suppose that astral projections counts as LDs :content:

So I will put you up for 12 :cool_laugh:

You seem to be doing very well, and if you haven’t posted any of your astral projections in the dream diary, please do. I would like to read them :cool:

Hey Jarod,

Yes I have been away for some time, please read my post in the Beyond Dreams forum (called ‘believe it or not…’)

I will write about most of my astral projections in my dream journal soon.


I’ve had just 2 LD’s this July.

And hello stranger,
I was just on my way to the Echo Force :content:

1, I’m dreaming, 2, I’m dreaming, 3, I’m dreaming…

Lucid dreams for all!!!


Hi Six:))))

im at echo force at the moment actually…damn i wish there was a echo force chat room too hey,


16 ld’s

14 LDs