Competition Rankings for July

Man I have been so busy, 2.5 LD’s to add to the total, not all on the same day though, making 12.5 for this month :content:

I had another LD making me tied with freedom88 with a total of 12.5 for July.

3 WILD’s last night get me to 15.

One more for me tonight! :smile:

I’d like to be added; even if I have no hope of catching up in time it may inspire me to have more LDs.

Had my first WILD last night! But I was so surprised and excited that I woke up immediately, so that’s another .5 bringing me to a grand total of 3.

I had a nice and long one, great lucidity. I also completed the newest Moon Quest and found my Dreamspell Kin!

Read all about it by clicking here.

That takes me to 7!

I had 6 LD’s last night. ^^
That makes 18.5 for July.

^wow, congratulations!

I had one last night, bringing me to 4 =]

6 in one night!!! Wow, I was happy with myself, I had a rare second one in one night, bringing me up to 8. Read my second dream by clicking here.

.5 WILD. I screwed it up and opened my eyes too soon to see if I had old hag…


Had 3 amazing LD’s this morning, I got to do quite a bit :smile: , controlling light, flying, running down a skyscrapper … twas fun, anyways total this month for me is 15.5 :content:

Ive got to get my head back in the game, I lost focus on LDing for a few, I know I can do better then 7, my record is 15 in a month, my goal is to beat that.

One more makes 4.5 this month! Only 5 more days to get my goal of 8. Better put it in overdrive :content:

Sorry for little offtopic. When do you add a .5 to your LD count? Is it when you almost have a LD or something like that?

If yes, then I have 1+2*.5 (is 2*.5=1 for you? Because I think, that 2 “almost LDs” aren’t equal to one full LD…)

I count a .5 LD as when I’m lucid, but either at a very low level or I wake up soon after.

Anyway, another .5 gets me to 16.

Goal = At least 20 this month, even though it hasn’t exactly been a great one…

Thanks to vacation, i have 6 LD-s this month so far :wink:

2.5 last night gets me to 18.5.

Hey Fizyk, I count LD’s the same way as MMN, when there extremely short LD’s like 20 seconds or so, but thats just personally people can count them other ways.

Ok, thanks for your answers :smile: I will still count this what I’ve had as 1 :razz:

This “competition” is really just a friendly way to celebrate getting LDs. There are lots of ways to count.

Eg. A long LD, lose lucidity then regain it, count it as 1 or 2? Seperated by a FA, 1 or 2?
Eg. The 0.5 debate. Low lucidity? How short is too short?
Eg. Lucid moments. I fly even in my NLD’s, I don’t count them at all. Or, full of dream talk, like a fake LD… a NLD where you think about becoming lucid, but don’t.

But, it’s still a fun way to report success. When I wake up after a good one, I look forward to jumping in here and mentioning it. It’s all friendly and on the honour system anyway, make your own call whether its 1, 0.5 or 0.