Competition Rankings for July

+0.5 makes 7.5

Not a good month…

some month i AM going to win this…

+1.5 makes 8.5.

2 from last night :happy:

I was worried. The date was catching up to my LD count and I’m aiming for 40 in 31 days. But I had a wonderful night last night. 6 long LD’s and one short 1. 6.5 + 19 = 25.5

There was one I REALLY want to paint. I think I will.

7… that’s a lot. You used the chain technique, right?


I don’t bother doing that anymore. I used too, but the Dutch forums ruled that LD’s in one period of sleep count as one LD. Over there chaining is considered cheating -_-

Anyway + 2, total: 9.5

What is chaining?

Have a LD (using the WILD method for instance), wake up, use the WILD technique again, wake up, WILD, wake up, WILD and so on.

  • .5 bringing me to 3

I was trying to WILD, but lost lucidity before it even became a dream, then realized something was odd. I only had a low level of lucidity though, and I didn’t get to do anything :neutral:

I don’t do chaining purposely. I just happen to wake up a lot. That combined with falling asleep really fast works pretty well. I have LD’s for the content and length (and 6 of those were long.), not the count even if I AM aiming for 40.

Yeah, me too. I think quality is more important than quantity, but chaining doesn’t have to hurt the quality of dreams.

I think I’m going to have a two-hour nap in the middle of the day every day! From that little period of two hours I got 4 admittedly not great (but still ok) quality lucid dreams, each about 15 minutes long and very fun. That’s my total in addition to my sig total (I’ll change it in a second).

Oh, and there was one from last night that I never got around to posting (I love random spurts of lucidness!)

Bringing me to a total of eight.

3 LD’s last night.

So 28.5 LD’s which is a new record for me!

How convenient. 1.5 LD’s last night! That makes exactly 30 LD’s in total. :happy:
Just 10 more!

Another four gets me to 12.5.

Keep it up, Wyvern!! :wink:

And another one for me, that a total of 10.5 for now. I hate not being able to WILD during the summer, DILDs just aren’t reliable.

Another one last night.

It’s what I rely on! :tongue:

Really? I can’t get past 20 with just DILD’s XD