Competition Rankings for June

7 Ld’s

2 LDs

1 LD, fingers crossed that won’t be it for this month

I’ve only got two this month, so I am WAY behind… but don’t worry about me… I’m sure I’ll catch up to last month :smile:

I got a short (too short!) LD today.

I’ll join: 1.5 so far

Another one! 2,5 now

3 LDs now.

9 LD’s

10 LD’s

One very short low-level LD so far. Could have been better… :bored:

I’m starting to think that Monitor199a is taking everyone elses LD’s. Or is it just a bad month for everyone?

This is not a lucid month for me. Although I have been having interesting dreams and even FAs(damnit need to RC!). This morning I was even WILDing and looking at a bottle of hot sauce and turning it around(in the HI) and see the words change each time… heh.

I have a solution though. I am going to start getting up like two hours before I am supposed to wake up and jogging or working out for a few hours then taking a nap.

I forgot to say…1 more. That’s 3,5

Put me in with 3 LD-s during first days of June. Unfortunately i have been busy lately so not much chances to sleep enough to get some LD during long mornings :wink:

2 LD’s

Oh man… I had another long one last night… I ended up crushing a DCs head with my bare hands because he was sinister and wouldn’t listen to me. Muwhahaha (think animatrix).

Yay! A really long LD for me last night (finally!).

Only… I can remember around ten seonds of it cos of a really long FA I had strait afterwards… :sad:

Add another one on for me…

A (very) short one though. Only lasted a handful of seconds :sad:.

I had 2 :grin: LDs tonight. But they where somewhat short :sad: