Competition Rankings for June

Had my first June LD, and a long one.

I had my first LD of the month last night. Of course, that doesn’t put me anywhere in the runnings.

1 more here, too :cool:

And a micro-LD, too.

opps two last night and in one I did something really cool!

I saw this long wooden table. I thought it might be cool to turn it into a work of art, so I closed my eyes and waved my hands over the table (I was afriad to close my eyes for fear of losing lucidity, but I did it any way) and then opened them and the table was covered with basically grafitti art.

I shoudl have had more last night, because I had at least two FAs, but no RCs… hmn

Maybe so, I stopped LD’ing for a few days and then a bunch of people reported LD’s :eek:

11 LD’s

So it would seem like toadstool can give away LD’s and Monitor199a can steal them. Hmm :bored:

One more for me :cool_laugh: , but it was a blurry one and I had trouble staying in it.

steals two more LD’s from the populace

13 LD’s

two more thing morning after WBTB :smile:

Another low-level LD, which makes 2 for June.

I had one last night, too. :cool:


And another for me ^^.

Another one for me, too :cool:

Finally, I’m getting somewhere. Bump me up to 6 LDs.

15 LD’s

18 LD’s

7 LDs.

[b][color=indigo]AND ME AGAIN!

I was happy at the start of June…I got two in a row in the first two days…now I’ve still only had those two.

So yeah…2[/color][/b]

21 LD’s