Competition Rankings for June

I had one really low level LD this morning. :smile:

3 for the first time!! They were only low level though.

3 till june 9th
1 at Monday then 2 at Tuesday.
I hurry to makesome note in journal.
I was a bit dreamless from end of may.

One more (giving me a total of four so far) :smile:.

I had 1 LD and 1 “OBE” today morning. What makes 5 LDs in June :content:

I’m gone for a couple of days (gonna to rock festival), so i have no time to write them to DJ atm, but i will when i’m back.

I’ve had 1.5 so far this month ill write them down asap

1 on monday, very short though…

I was in Paris all week, and will be for the next 2 month so probably not a lot of LDs to come… :cry:

Oh, you poor baby! I’ll go to Paris for you if you want :grin:. You can stay home and LD the whole time. :grin:

Well, i take your word for it… :wink: I’ll be more than happy to leave france for a while… With or without LDs… :tongue:

But still : France rules !!! :thumbs: :mrgreen:

Cool! We can do the exchange student thing…I’ll go to France and you can come to the US…Do you have any experience with kids?

Uh, kinda, i sometimes watch a friends kid… Does that count ?

And they seem to like me, i guess i still have a kid-like mind… :wink:

Seems like an interesting idea though… :colgate:

BTW we’re going way off topic here :tongue:

How do people here have .5 of an LD? :eh:

Ok, i just took a nap, and had two, but i can’t remember the first one : it was too blury and low lucid so i count only the second one, which makes 2 total… :grin:

Uhhh… you’re going to sleep in Paris, aren’t you? And if you sleep, you dream! So why not do a MILD before konkin’ out. It doesn’t take much effort at all. Give yourself three minutes before bed and keep RCing. Especially don’t say you’re not gonna LD cos then you won’t for sure!!! You can still do it. :smile:

Actually i sleep in a 2 beds hotel room, with a very lout-snoring guy :cry: in the next bed, and nothing to write down my dreams, so i don’t wanna LD cause i would probably be interrupted during them and then forget about most … :shy:

I did have one the first night, very short, and i only remember that i rub my hands a lot to make the dream clearer but i forgot about the rest… :grrr:

But it seems like i still got it, so i will start again in september… :content:

Another LD for me. :smile: That makes it two this month.
And now when schools over I can sleep more. And dream more. Maybe I can have more LDs this way? :eh:

Well yes, the longer you sleep, the more dreams you will have. :grin:

The “REM” phase takes almost a half of the sleep cycle after 8 hours of sleep… You could try WBTB+WILD; it seems to be quiet efficient… :content:

3 WILD’s this morning all launched from mad SP in conjunction with WBTB, for a total of 14 LD’s thus far.

I think i’ll join this :content: … 10 in June so far

I’ve had a very short LD this night. Just the time to realize I was dreaming, and I was awaken. So it was just 0,5 LD. :sad: