Competition Rankings for June

How come you only count it as .5 of a lucid dream? It was a dream, and you were lucid, however short it was, that’s one whole lucid dream :ok:

I’ve taken the habit to count those very short dreams just for 0.5 in the Competition. But maybe have the rules changed? :smile:

Oh, I see. Is that really a rule in the competition?

1 this morning :content:

During this rock festival (“Rabarock”) i slept both nights in my small car (instead of tent). So during first i had 1 LD at first, but later during SP i failed to get my dream body out of my physical body to float around in car, or around it :tongue: So it makes 1 more LD and 6 in June.

In other night i saw my dead granny and i soon realized that she cannot be real, because she is dead. But i failed to recognize the dream, or to become lucid. And prolly the dream ended when i realized that she cannot be, because she is dead.

I had one last night! :cool:

I think I had a half. I knew it was a dream, but didn’t do anything special because I liked the dream I was in. And I forgot all about it pretty fast.

June LDs: 2.5

2 this morning yaay!

Another 4. 2 WILDs launched from SP between 4:20 and 5:20, 2 DILD/MILDs throughout the night in which I succeeded in recognizing dream signs! (Bathroom light acting weird upstairs which amusingly led to the nightmarish ending when I was little, and driving a standard, which I have little experience with.)

A short one this morning makes 5 total :cool:

1 more this morning. And it was a long one this time! :smile:

I guess I had one this night. Too bad I lost lucidity so fast :confused:

A weird LD today … but hey im not complaining…

/me had an LD last night.
Seemed like my first in ages. Too bad it was low level and short. That’s makes 3 for the month so far.

One today, that is 4 for June.

One this morning.

I’ve had five now.

Amagad!! :smile:
I’m starting to learn to really have ld’s! :happy:
I’ve had two ld’s this month! ^^ :happy:
(Instead of hoping that i’'ll become lucid, i expect to become lucid ^^)

Well done :smile:.

I had OBE in dream and relatively long LD (what consisted of some awakenings, and entering to the same dream again). So it makes 7 LDs in June so far :content: