Competition Rankings for June

3 DILDs last in my final two hours of sleep totaling 21 so far.

Just 1 DILD last night = 22

One after WBTB :cool:

That makes 6!

3 yesterday, quiet interesting… I’ll post them later… I’m too lazy right now, i’m not in the mood to speak english… :tongue:

woohoo 2 this morning!

I’ve had another half. Total = 5.

Hmm, seems like we have a werewolf hiding here in the competition :bored:


Had some computer trouble lately :sad: Had to send back my new motherboard to get it replaced, but that will probably take a another week or so. So I’m using a borrowed computer right now :grin: And it seems like some people are getting good at LDing and some (like me :cry: ) are getting worse :wallhit:

Then again I’m probably get better again if I tried harder :wink: Oh, I had a LD last night, but I only remember being in a room with some people :eh:
And about the rules… well I’m not sure about the rules actually :lol: since everyone counts a bit differently. They way I count is that I don’t count LDs shorter than about 4-5 sec as a LD and if they are about 5 sec or so they might be 0.5 or 1 depending on how I feel. If it’s longer than that I count it as 1 LD :content:

Friday one
5 in June
12 days more to reach ten
(if 10 that would be record in a LD count for one month)

Now to add this to diary.
Too bad it was lucid part after a long normal part, so it was short, as I woke up, but so I know I was dremaing :smile:.

finally, two months since my last one…

June LD’s: 1


I had a LD today too :cool_laugh: But it was short :sad: and I faded out into a FA that I thought was IRL to I wrote down the LD :tongue:

I hope to reach the same. It would be my personal record also (so far max. 9 LDs per month), and it would put me back to minimum LD goal schedule, what i set at least 6,5 LDs per month in 2005.

So good luck for us both :tongue:

I guess my butt was itchy IRL during sleep so here I’m in the bathroom picking it and check my hands, realize I’m dreaming, but keep picking it anyway. Lost lucidity, so I’m not even gonna count it.

I don’t count LD’s that last a few seconds unless I’ve started to deviate from the linear dream preceding it and set out to do my own thing. I haven’t had any short ones lately, they’re getting much longer. I had a record on the 17th. It seemed to last 5-10 minutes!

I just cant believe it, I finally got a LD :happy: I have been trying for so long, I hade some times when I wanted to give up, but recently my dream recall has been pretty much awesome, and I finally got my first lucid dream :grin: Sign me up with 1, I have got the feeling that this LD isnt going to be the only one :tongue:

well done Lirels :smile:

… I had two more really long LD’s this morning :cool:

I had one, WBTB did it again.

Haha, that might be true, but I wasn’t a werewolf in any of the dreams this night.

But I did have a LD, so that makes them 6 this month. I still have time to brake my record :cool:

2.5 so far for me this month… and like a gillion low lucidity (well more like 10 but still)

I think I’ll join in, im back on track a (tiny :razz:) bit… 6 this month so far.

One more, but it was very short…it included a FA where i was lucid. Will post after work.

I came pretty darn close…but it was just a pre-lucid, so I guess I’m still at 1 :shy: