Competition Rankings for March

Got my third LD this month today morning :content:
It means 2 of 3 WBTB attempts this month were successful for me.

I don’t think that there are any objective standards, but it’s up how someone counts their LD’s. Some people don’t count lucid moments that last less than 10 seconds as LD. I personally don’t count those lucid moments as LDs, but i know people who count 2 short LD-s (or lucid moments) as 1 LD.

So it’s up to you :smile:

No, not really :neutral: … when I put good effort in it, I get an average of 1 LD a night, yet I have been lazy lately. 1 LD a night isnt that insane anyway, there have been people here known to count over 100 LD’s a month (if they didnt cheat, that is, but I always assume people are honest untill proved otherwise).

That’s fantastic Xetrov, I never realised that people here HAVE actually had such success with LD’ing - as it seems that most people are struggling with it. It’s good to hear in this thread that there are those people who can LD with regular proficiency, it gives me confidence that I’ll be able to do the same given enough time, practise and effort :content:

I had one last night, and it was high level! That makes 10, total

Seems like Siiw is getting good with LDing :thumbs:

Bernard, people all count a bit different. I don’t count LDs that are shorter than 5 seconds or so. But I’d say it’s up to you really to decide how to count. But I would say that it shouldn’t count it if you wake up as soon as you realise you are dreaming. And I think people that start out LDing usually count even 1 sec LDs as a LD, but when you get more experienced you will probably switch over to only counting longer ones :smile:

3 LDs. Thanks to the soundfile of phoenelai (see this topic) :wink:

Had one more (9 total). And Snape, although most people indeed do struggle to get LD’s, there are also many people here at this forum quite good at LD-ing, however most of those don’t participate in this thread :smile:.

Had a low level LD this morning :content:

I had OOBE today at the end of daytime nap :cool_laugh:

In first OOBE i did not succeeded to see anything, but fortunately i managed to have straightly another OOBE what turned into pretty decent LD :content:

So 4 LD-s so far.

OK, then.

Put me down for 2, so far this month.

One more = 10.

1 this morning :smile:

One more, while napping :cool:

:happy: alright Siiw! seems you’re doing great there :grin:

I entered a strange state this morning. I thought I was in self hypnosis - meditation - about to astral project state. However I was seeing things clearly as if i was dreaming. I mean i wasn’t imagining. and I knew that. I made the autosuggestion “I will lucid dream at will”. I hope it pays off :smile: however i’m not sure what happened this morning, so I won’t count it.

I have my third yesterday, I think this is the best month while being on LD4all. I never had LDs more often then this month.
Usualy it was one or two a year, but this site and keeping my journal made them more frequent and reality checks is now a habitual (spelling?) , so I had like at least once a month becoming lucid and couple of edge of lucidity dreams.

still one night more to go, maybe it will be four. :tongue:

1 more, Guess WBTB is really good when I manage to do it :cool_laugh:

Last night I had FIVE LDs !!! :grin: I really can’t believe it, I would have thought false memories or something, if I didn’t mark them all on my notepad! Unfortunately i didn’t write any details, and in the morning I couldn’t tell in which dream I should place a certain event. I’ll try to sort them out so I can type them. But I’m happy :happy: :happy: :happy:

total = 15 LDs.

Nice Dark Sider :cool_laugh:

Finished the month @ 11. Not bad, but certainly I’m gonne try do a lot better next (this) month.

My 11 makes this the best month ever :cool: