Competition Rankings for March

I had an LD last night - in fact, it was quite possilby my best LD ever… :cool:

I’ve had 10 this far… all after heavy drinking (alcohol) btw.

a WILD this morning :razz: feels good… yeah
total = 6 LDs.

one LD last night.
total = 7 LDs.

Yay! Over a LONG period (3 weeks, or even more) i finally had 2 LD’s today morning. Not long ones, but it’s probably because i was too obsessed about them and wanted to do all as fast as i could. WBTB makes wonders when you manage to enter sleep with continious mantra: “What if this is a dream?” :tongue:

HURRAY finaly a “sober” LD again. Long Medium/high level, but very unstable (waking up/falling back to sleep).

March total: 11 :smile:

Many of my last LD’s this year happened also next day after having some drink (not heavy drinking), so i was afraid that i get habit to have LD’s only after having some beers. Glad that my recent LD’s came naturally :smile:

Had one of the rarest false LD-s today morning. The situation in dream was so bad (i was about to fight with street gang) that i made RC and noticed that this is dream, but i still kept worrying about my laptop bag and stuff what i left somewhere in dream. So unfortunately while i acted like lucid (asking questions from bad guys why they are acting so in my dream and who sent them), i thought that my bags what i left somewhere are related with RL.

I was about to hang one bad guy (who had turned into big doll for that time) just to frighten others :tongue:

So unfortunately no real LD this time :neutral:

Another one for me last night :smile:.

Girls, Girls and More Girls… Part Three
Unfortunatly, it wasn’t all that good (woke up before I got a chance to do anything…) but I still feel I need to add it to the ‘series’.

still havent gone to see any dinosaurs yet sureal?

I’ve only actually remembered to try it two dreams,

  1. The dream got really weird, and then I woke up

  2. Everytime I saw in the distance a place that looked like there could be dino’s (or something interessting) there, I’d reach it and it’d only be painting on a wall (that got less realistic the more I looked at it)/a backgarden.

But I will find those dinos… if it’s the last thing I do :tongue:.

I forgot to say i had one a couple of days ago :cool:

Had a short low level LD this morning.

I had two! :eek: One low-level, and one WILD



oh well sureal you find those dinos someday :smile:

niiiiiiiiiice ben

Add me! :tongue:
I’ve had five all up. The most recent one (late Feb) was by far the best, even though nothing particularly interesting happened it was my favourite because I tried to push my head through a car window and ended up in a black void. Very 1960’s Star Trek if ya get my drift.

one more. total = 8.

I had another! :eek: What is happening?

Best change my LD count to 1, I thought we were doing total LD’s. I’ve only had 1 this month :sad: