Competition Rankings for May

0.5 one this morning … twas pretty short lol … total for this month is now 6 :smile:

Had one last night. Actually THE one. Longest and craziest one, had a bunch of FA, like 6 or 7, but I’ll count it as one… :content:

+2. That’s 6.5 for my total now.

yay 3 LD’s … on an exam day, I never saw that coming lol and they were DILD’s for a change :smile:

… thus the total is now 9 :content:

I’ve only had one for now :sad:

I’m experimenting with something that has worked twice (Only tried it twice too)… :content:

1 more… :content:

1 this morning … was a really hyper-real one too, where I couldn’t do anything out of the ordinary, no matter what methods I used… sigh

still 10 in total :smile:

A short one this morning after a WBTB. It makes a total of 2.

I had another one. So 2 for me!! (It my second LD ever :smile: )

Well done Dreman :smile:

One more this morning for me totalling 11 this month :content:

3 more for me makes 9.5.

Baahh. You people and your damned multi-ld nights :wink:

It took me awhile to sleep for once therefore I got another LD.

That’s 2.5 for me.

Geez, if it weren’t for this sleeping problem, I’d have a LD every night!

1 more, makes 3 this month

i figure now that ive been having LDs more consistantly, i should start posting here :smile:

so far 4 for this month, as opposed to my 0 in april

2 yesterday and 3 today … woo I’m on a roll :content: …I’ve found a pattern of sleeping that really works for me :content:

Anyways, total for this month for me is 16

1 for this month

just had another DILD!!!

up to 5

3 more makes 12.5. WBTB with alarm clock screwed up some stuff, but it worked… eventually…

I’m having a great month, 8 so far! I’m sure that hanging out here has been helping me a lot, new posts arriving in my inbox and reading new ideas… keeps me thinking about dreaming a lot.

I’ve also been using WBTB more often than ever before. I’m lucky, I can fall back to sleep pretty good so it doesn’t make me too tired for work.