Competition Rankings for November

still zip

Yay ! 1st LD for 2 weeks (I was beginning to give up hope…)
But I’m sure it will not be a good month for me… :sad:

It seems to be a slow LD month for most people :sad: I’ve been trying hard the past few days to WILD but so far I’ve only gotten close once :cry:

6 ld’s

i think i am at 5, too much stressing lately

yeah it seems like a slow month for me, but only because I’m having trouble sleeping. But I had 2 more LDs last night.

Total = 6.

pff still nothing here :sad:

I had one :happy:

Another triple LD today morning while using the same method as before. Could have had 4th too, but someone knocked at my door disturbing my MILD :sad:

So it makes 6 this month :cool_laugh:

Im @ 9 sofar this month :cool:

First LD of the month. I can’t actually remember much of it… but still…

I just had 2 DILDs making 4 this month :smile:

7 ld’s

SOrry for the lateness of this,

I can recall 3 lucid dreams this month,
and 4 Astral projections…

so count that as 7 LD’s (since I was told that having an AP can be counted in this comp. :tongue:)


total = 8

3 more for me

can some one give me an explination of what a Astral projection is, thank you :smile:

21 so far.

8 ld’s

2 more :content:

I vote for renaming this topic to the “who can beat Pedro this month” topic, or else, the “who comes next after Pedro” topic. Idea??