Competition Rankings for October

Had one this morning. That makes 2 for this month! :tongue:

Another this morning!!! 6 for October! :boogie: I think this is my monthly record!

1 more this night

2+1=3 :grin:

Had LOTS of lucid moments during 3 dreams in the morning and but I’ve forgotten quite a bit of it :cry: But I’ll put it as 2 LDs.

I got none yet… :crying:

Well there’s still 1 day left in this month Cid.

Just felt like saying it. Since I joined the forum I haven’t had any real LD-s. Then I mean real LD-s. Besides, I don’t feel like submitting into the ranks. Ain’t worth it.

I had a nice long one last night :smile:

And one more to close this month…

Congrats Jarod for winning this month! :ok:

I’ll end with 8 LD’s. Had one OBE within a dream (some will label it as FLD, but i was fully concious of dreaming environment after it happened, so i’ll count it in).

thx Cyrus :content:

Guess I get to congratulate myself on winning too :tongue: