Competition Rankings for October

One so far.

Another .5 brings me to 5.5.

One more for me. So currently 7 for October. :happy:

One more, makes a total of two this month. :cool:

One more for me bringing total to 2 :grin:

haha reading that recent flying thread, gave me a flying induced LD this morning :content: (I was randomly flying then suddenly realised I was dreaming) … how cool is that

anyways, 3 for this month :smile:

I’m still here! I got 1 for October, looks like a quiet month. (Click Here to Read!)

Another half one tonight brings me to 5.5

I used my techniques and got an LD! (Click Here to Read)

That brings me to 2!

Wow light sleeping in the morning, gave me 5 this morning :content: …though it left me groggy for most of the morning too ugh…

Anyways, total is now 7 :smile:

2 more bring me to 7.5.

I had 3 last night, they aren’t much but I’m quite happy, because I was stuck with no LDs for 2 weeks!! :grin:

2 this night, which brings me to a total of four.

One of them was Q–induced! :cool_laugh: :lol: I was having a normal dream when me and my friends came across Q and she told us it was a dream!

1 in October so far :neutral:

Tried to visit the Lucid Crossroads. So 1 more for me. That makes 8.

Finaly had one last night…I don’t get it…I’m doing horribly these past 6 weeks…

total for oct = 1

1 more this morning making 8 for this month … was a weirdly induced one as well ^^;

1.5 more for me. Makes 9.5

And 2 more. So 11.5 :content:

I had 2 LD-s today morning. So it makes 3 total this month :content: