Competition Rankings for October

I think it’s pretty safe to say that the majority of people’s LDs occur in the early to late morning hours, so technically it’s the next day. Unless you can prove you had it before midnight. :tongue:

Yeah, you’re right! :content:

Just had another ld last night. That brings me up to 7 for the month.

And we got another one… :happy:

Sign me up for that competition!!!

I’ll start with 3 counted LDs in the month of october so far.
More to follow

Sorry, I forgot to explain earlier that I just changed my username from mbb809 to The Wizard. So if I could get signed up for this month’s competition under the new name, I would appreciate it.

11 here. LD-rate is good, but the quality is quite poor…

1 more for me, i’m now up to 8.

Just had another ld last night. Bump me up to 8.

Had another one this night. Bump me up to 4, thanks…

Had another one this morning, up to 9 now.

I can’t believe that I have had so much good luck in one week. I’m up to 9 lds for the month now.

Another one this morning. Up to 9 now.

7 and most likely the last for me this month.

It’s the 31st in England, I hope I’m not to late, I had an LD last night.

Booast me up an LD

Had another during the day so I’m up to 8 and this is the last for me.

Next month i will out-lucid-dream ya all

and even if i don’t, … whatever.

Anyways good luck to you all.


Last one this month.
That makes it 10 all together. It’s been a great month :wink:

Some of you people sleep way too much, hehheh. :tongue:

Just a thought, what about including HH in a sort of dual competition next month? Eg:- LD = x HH = y?

Yes seems like a good idea Learjet. Perhaps we can include SP, FA and prelucid dreams as well. But that would become quite a mess perhaps… Just a thought :smile: