Competition Rankings for October

I know what you mean, if too many things are listed it would get messy and listing 2 things might be 1 too many. :neutral:

Still, I would like to know how many times per month people experience HH but I’m too lazy to start a contest to find out. :tongue:

HH… that’d be interesting to poll and see how many people experience it. My guess is that they will vote for HH’s more than LD’s because it is much more available and is in lighter trance; therefore, making it easier for people to access HH’s rather than LD’s.

It’s just my theory.

(Sorry people, I know I’m getting off-topic. To make this post more worthy… I’m thinking about entering Nov. LD’s contest. It would be fun. :content: )

I finally had another short one! This time i actually went lucid because of a non working light switch.
The 2 fluoriscent lights hooked up to the switch would just vaguely blink… I found it very odd that 2 lights with 2 bulbs each would both fail at the exact same time.

Since it was also dark outside, the room was totally dark… could barely see a thing. I decided to change night into day, instead of fiddling with the light :wink: worked extremly well! the sky slowly turned blue :grin: I then jumped out the window, which was on the 3th or 4th floor and flied into the sky. Sadly the dream start fading at that point :sad:

It was still great though, since i had such good control and was very lucid at the same time.

This means that i ended up at 8lds this month, much better than the previous months.

Hello, I’m gonna join this contest on the last day before its dealdine :content:. In the entire month of October, I’ve had 8 lds. Unless you count multiple lds in the same night (gaining lucidity, losing it, then gaining it back again). Cause one night I had three LDs in the same night. So that would make it 10. So is it how many nights a month you become lucid or hw many times you gain lucidity? Probably the first one, but still.

Should the LD’s themselves be posted somehow to count, even in an abbreviated form?

I was just thinking…I can’t help think that we would be able to read more accounts of LD’s that way - they are always interesting.

I think it is how many lucid dreams you have had total, not nights. :smile: Atleast i think so :tongue:

that’s what I think too Tomas, I mean, If I get lucid 2ce in 1 night (VERY unlikely, actually hasn’t happened yet) I might as well count it as two :grin:

Isn’t it time to close this topic already? No matter in which time zone you are, you’re in november now. Oh and it needs to be updated too! I had 10, not 9 LDs in october. Congratulations to all participants, especially to the winner, that would be Mystic, right? :wink:

Thx :smile: Yes congrats to all. It was a nice battle :content:

The next month can be found here:

Congratulations to Mystic for October! :thumbs: