Competition Rankings for September

Last night I slept realy poorly, constantly waking up throughout the night. As a side benefit this netted me six seperate LD’s. Yay. Now if only I could remain awake through today’s lectures as well…

Hi everyone! I think I’ll enter the competition this month.

I have 1 LD so far.

Hey Everyone !
I’m going to participate in september’s competition.
Best luck for all.
1 LD so far… :wink:

I’m in as usual :smile:
On a dry spell though :cry:

I will have a lucid dream tonight!

I had another last night. 1+1 makes it 2 so far :cool_laugh:

First LD of the month :cool:

1 more for me. Bump me up to 2.

4 ld’s

1 for me.

I had another one yesterday, which makes 2 so far.

1 more for me :content:

+1, makes 3 total.

7 ld’s

3 so far

Another 1 for me. At 3 now.

I had 2 on the same night :happy: which is a first for me!
makes 4 LDs till now.

I had a LD tonight. It makes 3 :cool:

same as Siiw :wiske:

i had one last night too :smile: 3 total :grin:

Yay, my brief dry spell is over, with two for yesterday and one for today making thirteen.