Competition Rankings for September

+1 makes 4. :neutral:

I must have lost my LDs somewhere :cry: if anyone finds then please let me know :neutral:

Nevermind, I seem to have found them :cool_laugh: one more for me :cool:

Hey I had a good weekend (finally) so put me up to 3 for this month.


8 ld’s

Had a relatively long and nice LD tonight. So it makes 3 this month :content:

I had 2 more LDs, so I have 6 so far.

FINALLY another one. So that makes 3 LDs.

One 10mn LD, but I forgot what I planned to do ! :sad:
And as I remembered one old LD, I add 2 to my total LDs :smile:

10 ld’s

I re-thought about my low level LD-s what i saw 2 days ago and tonight, and as i was actually concious of dreaming and i conciously chose what to do next (as much as i could), i think that count as 2 low level LD-s (but nothing like high level LD-s i have had). The problem is that i was unable to change dream context in them both, i could only chose what to do within the limited dream scenes.

So i would add 2 more what makes 5 this month…

I had a short one, so I will only count it as 0.5 LDs

One more. Not very interesting, indeed.

Ive had 1 more, to make 6, as you can see school is really affecting my LD ability :-/

4 :peek:

I had a Lucid Dream last night. :cheer: :cheer:
My one and only LD or the month. the nose RC worked for the first time. Plus it’s under a month since my last LD. :happy:

congrats moogle :smile:, 2 more for me please :smile:

  • Silva

One and a half since last time :cool:

And congratulations, moogle :grin:

Another one, from a nap this time!

Congrats, Moogle! :grin:

Seems that i start to have some regularity in LDs. Today morning i had another high level and pretty long LD. So it makes 6 total in this month :content: