Complete lack of motivation

Forgive me if this is in the wrong thread or has already been posted, but I have a pretty big problem…
Recently, I’ve had a total lack of motivation. I’m not even making a dream journal or anything anymore…I want to believe that LD’ing is really easy. I think it is, and I think that I’ve developed a mental block that consistently tells me that having LD’s is very hard.
Does anyone have any tips on how to get rid of this mental block and get my movitation back? I think it’s time for a fresh start on LD’ing.

wow thats weird as i was going thru the same thing not too long ago. but dont worry about it it. one will come soon enough. i think ur motivation should be just having one. stay determined! hope that helped.

Ok…let’s turn this around and say “LD is really HARD to achive”. So why’s that?

We all already have the answers why we create these kind of “shields” that prevents us from achieving something that we think we really want.
Take for example something such as being able to paint…a few people loves art of some sort and may want to dedicate much of their life into it…perhaps make a “living” on it.
The easy part is that it’s very easy to pick up a pencil and then start drawing things…but it’s extremly hard to become satisfied for some.
Why’s that we might ask? Simple…the answer really is whitin us and all the “negative” things that we allow ourselves to believe in wich prevents us from achiving what we want.

To get rid of this “shield” you must sit down and ask the question “Why am i lacking motivation and why can’t i achive an LD?”. Then the important step comes wich is to honestly answer whit all the negative thoughs that comes to you and then deal whit them…throw them away and start “slow and easy”.
You don’t have to be spiritual or anything like that to answer that simple question…just be open and honest to yourself.

Achiving Lucid dreams and later dream control is a Learning Art…almost no one becomes a “master” (If there’s something that can be called that) by having their first LD…neither is there any miracle technique that makes us “masters” on the first try…same goes whit sports/arts/maths and so on.

It “sucks”…but that’s how things are and will always be.

You can achive Lucid dreams if you really want…keep “practising” and you’ll get there…you’ll encounter a couple of “bumps” (Negative experiences) along the way but you can ignore them becuse once you know how to ignore them…the road ahead is clear.

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If you think yu have a mental block then you create one! Maybe you don’t actually have a mental block about lucid dreaming, but have one regarding NOT HAVING one. You think lucid dreaming is easy, but you have doubts. Everyone doubts it if their experience tells them it’s not easy. That’s not a mental block, it’s just a doubt. So maybe you should investigate whether you actually do have a mental block or not by trying to have lucid dreams. Don’t put a label on your failures and assume you are doing something wrong. Naturally, it is better to keep a dream journal and actively doing the thechniques. If you’re not doing THAT it’s no wonder you’re not having lucid dreams right?

Same here. I’ve probably been trying much harder than most beginners, still no real results. I’ve invested so much time and energy into lucid dreaming, and it all came to nothing, zilch, nada. The more I fail, the less motivated I get, ergo the more I fail. It’s a vicious circle.