OK r3m0t and others,
I can see we’re not really going to agree on the use of the MILD method, so maybe we should agree to disagree?
However if we could agree on the use of the two seperate terms (WBTB and WBTS) I really think that this could help to clarify the differences ( as percieved by the different parties) between the methods and help to avoid confusion.
It’s a simple compromise and everyone would benefit from it.
What do you reckon?

I do agree with that. I thought I was pretty clear on my position in favor of differentiating between the two methods in my posts.

BTW - not to be picky but you should have posted this in the thread where this was discussed. Some of the people who were debating this issue may not look here and thus will be unable to participate in further discussions on the issue.

“Sleep/back to bed is not the same as MILD or WILD!”