I’ve been trying the WBTB and WILD for a while now but I can’t seem to concentrate on getting in the dream. Every time I try to count is like this: 1…2…3…4…5…did I turn off the T.V?..7…8…Oh wait I lost my place…2…3…4…5…6…I wonder how I did on that test…8…9…I like chocolate chip cookies…etc… Then I just sorta dose off. I need help concentrating. I’ve never gotten to SP and I at least want to get to this point soon.

The first thing you need to do before trying WILD is to train youself to clear your mind and “on a leash”.
Notice how when you can’t sleep it’s because you can’t stop thinking about random things such as christmas, or the day before the first day of school…

And how you can’t remember when you fall asleep?

hope that helped

well the best thing for me to do is clear my mind just think of nothing if u must think of somthing think relax it will happen just relax the WBTB method has helped me the most because normaly when i awake im to tired to do anything so i tell myself ill have a lucid dream a few times nad then just fall asleep it helps

As said above, train yourself to be able to clear your mind of thoughts. Meditation may help for this. The thoughts aren’t going to stop coming. You just have to ignore them and not follow them. If you’re doing that counting thing, then focus on counting. It’s like if you’re trying to read a book in a noisy environment. You can’t focus on side conversations and whatnot, just focus on what you are doing. Don’t try to block out the thoughts though. A method I use is instead of counting, just clear my mind of all thought while making sure all I worry about is maintaining awareness. I forget about my body, and about everything besides being “awake”. Thoughts come and go, and eventually one of them develops into a dream. It just takes patience.