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My friend and I have been seeing odd, translucent structures comprised of small bubbles connected by cylindrical rods in varying patterns and designs that fly across our vision occasionally. Often, by the time we move our eyes to see where it went, it has disappeared. What is it? Has anyone else experienced this?

bacteria? proteins? I read an article about that once it stated what it was (not the previously mentioned ones, but something related of organic matter). It is not a supernatural phenomena though.

I always play arround with those things flying over my vision field. Holding your eyes stil causes them to stop moving.

edit: google is your friend: … floats.htm The image on the page shows shadows whereas I see them much mroe detailed. =\

That’s really cool, Fadem! Thanks for the link. Now my friend and I know what those annoying things are. Google is indeed my friend. :happy:

O ya those things are cool. If you don’t move your eyes you can usually watch them as they move across your eye

When I was younger, I always thought is was fun to try and grab them with your hands :razz: I knew they weren’t fun, but it was fun and dissorienting.

Come to think of it, I haven’t had any floaters in a long while…eh oh well.

Yea I hav had them for as long as I can remember…Weird, I never knew what they were until now! :eh:

whoa, i thought it was liek that for everyone, lol. EVery time since i can remember looking up at the sky, it kinda hurts my eyes, and i see the floaters, whoooooaaaaaa, lol, the facciniates me for some reason, ive been wondering bout them since i was like 5!!! lol

I don’t know if this is what you mean but when i close my eyes in the mornin (not neccesarrily in the morning but in the morning in particular) I always see a wierd green blob floating acroos my vision with a hole in the centre. when I focus on it the whole in the middle merges into the greenness to make a full green circle then when i open my eyes it’s still there for a short time. Anyone know what I’m talking about??

are you and your friend familiar with the idea of 2012

and the concept of the 4th dimension?

have you heard of the third eye?





Oh, I have that. It’s astigmatism.

Astigmatism is when your eye is not shaped right, so you don’t focus the light correctly. (I think it’s when it’s too round.) Floaters are colorless, and are just shapes. When you see colored blobs, ie after looking directly at a light, that’s different. That’s a result from your eye adapting to the too much light by “turning off” parts of the eye that are focused on the light. If you look away or closed your eyes you’ll see blobs of color, usualy more or less the shape of the light source.

When you close your eyes and rub them, then see weird patterns, that’s also different, but I don’t really know why that is off the top of my head.

Hope that helped :colgate:

maybe you are both developing your innervision.?

Xander: astigmatism is the name generally given to the effects of having a thing about your eye’s shape. It can be a little bump, a flaw, something which is quite not round, and which therefore messes with that focus thingy. But yeah, the site you found seems to be more the case than astigmatism, anyways. :smile:

Thanks for the link, by the way. Next time I see a flying saucer blob of doom in my vision field, I’ll know it’s actually not a flying saucer blob of doom, but actually the shadow of a dead cell or fiber floating in the vitreous humour of me eye. (Who said reality can’t be as amusing as fantasy every other day? :tongue:)

I’ve had these since I was way young, but haven’t noticed them for years.
I guess if I went outside and looked into the sky now I would probably see them again.

You can never directly look at them, because they move as your eye moves. You just have to look at them with your mind (without moving your eyeball)