Conjuring dream characters vs. encountering them

I have a recurring DC in my lucid dreams – I’ll call him “K.” Whenever I enter a lucid dream, I usually look for “K”, which often means asking another DC where I can find him. (And they always point me in the right direction.) At other times, I just look for him and find him pretty quickly.

However, I am wondering why I can’t just conjure up “K” at will. Could it be fear of exercising too much control over the dreamscape, wanting to have a bit of an unknown factor to heighten the mystery? I suppose having absolute control of an LD would be like playing a computer game that you’d invented – there would be no thrill of the unknown. :confused:

Any thoughts, guys?

I agree with needing the element of the unknown. If you always contolled everything, your dreams would be complicated and boring. However, i dont know why you cant just conjure up “k” at will. Could it be possibly that you think you cant , therefore its impossible…
When you think about it, in your dreams , everything is made up in your subconcious either DC or just an object. So if you can make a gun appear in your hand or a skyscraper apear right in front of you, you should by all means be able to conjure up “k”.