Connection between Chi/Qi and feelings in WILD

Over the past while, I have gotten to know and better understand my Qi/Chi and I am familiar with what it feels like. When attempting WILD, I often feel chi/qi, and I feel bursts of it when I focus on the third eye chakra. When I read peoples attempts at WILD, they often describe vibrations, tingling sensations, or electrical feelings. Could there be a strong connection with attempting WILD and chi/qi? I think so, because it is like meditation. However, it could also be physiological feelings which are similar to chi/qi while entering the REM stage. What do you think?


Well when we meditate, WILD, MILD, (often in SP) and are “concsious”, we can sense our energy body much more, that is what you are feeling.

Once, when I was paralyzed from WILD, I could “ignite” it. I’d fill my body with it and then I’d feel it stronger than I ever did. Nothing spectacular, but I can never make it feel like that in normal conditions.
I don’t know, but I’m open to all possibilities.

We ‘can’ ignite that feeling of WILD in our waking hours. Some do it by meditation or martial arts. I do it by listening to certain kind of music and relaxing my body by breathing, to the state just before sleeping.

I am never sure it was chi/qi, although I do believe in it. But this proves that vibration of WILD is deeply related to our bodily workings and possibly a certain kind of energy.

Yes slinger, it’s just that. I can’t speak from my own experience, but Florence Ghibellini who is a great lucid dreamer and practiced chi and now practices meditation for years, says it’s exactly the same thing.

Patricia Garfield also writes about vibrational energies and lucid dreams.

After certain experiences in dreams she experienced more of it during acupuncture and studied with a Chi Gong teacher for a while.

Going into WILD involves deep relaxation. In this state are many interesting phenomenon that people also experience through meditation.