Connection between LDs and hypnosis?

I’ve noticed that in dreams, we tend take impossible scenarios for granted, which, as you know, is why lucidity is such a hard thing to obtain. I’ve noticed that this is similar to something called “Trance Logic”, where a person under hypnosis can easily accept that two contradictory things are happening.

So, has anyone noticed a link between hypnotic capacity and lucid dreaming ability?

Interesting. Your SC tricks your mind, you, that something is logical in both dreams and hypnosis. There is probably such a link going on.

But maybe, through low levels of hypnosis, you can practice reality checkes… For example, in the first time you do it, you are told that you have an elephant in your pocket. You make an RC, and understand that it isn’t real.
Next time you are told something a bit more probable, But you still make an RC.

I’ve definitely noticed the link. Last year we had a hypnotist come to our school. I told my friends how it probably wouldn’t be very effective on me since I practiced lucid dreaming and was used to weird scenerios. To test my theory, I volunteered and sure enough, I snapped out of it. (Yes, I was hypnotized to start off) I can’t remember what snapped me out of it exactly. Something about money I think.
So there’s definitely a connection between the two. (Although, part of me wishes I was hypnotized just a little longer…)

My mum is a hypnotherapist (hypnotist) i know i have probably spelt it wrong…

She some times hypnotizes me, and once she made me fall asleep :tongue: in about a secound.

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