connection problems

If you get the error:

Couldn’t connect to database

then it is not your problem, but LD4all’s :sad:

For the last days I’ve been trying to figure out where the problem lies, but until now the only thing that helped was restarting the MYSQL server. I’m not on 24/7 so I can only restart it when I’m here.

I’m busy deliberating with the support guys to help me solving it.
Thanks for your patience.

Good to know I wasn’t the only one getting that error! :grin:

Grrr… messed me up in WG… :grrr:

wolf is a wolf!
i think i would like to hop into the next wolfgame i got eaten to quick…

on subject!!!
yeah that worried me a bit, maybe a few people could donate another $140 so i can throw in the last fifty and we can get the nice new and shiny updated package!! :o)
would that stop all that error garbage from happening?


the error should be resolved right now :smile:

They’ve installed the newest MYSQL version now and PHP version as well. Somehow it suddenly had problems with my passwords. One character has been removed and now it connects fine.

The shiny updated package gives more memory and CPU speed - everything else remains the same.

Thankfully I’ve seen this, I was going to make a thread about it. I was getting worried while I was still in the Wolfgame.

any problems like this … all the current GMs are also members of the sealife forum. also siiw and I are in the chatroom of #wolfgame and #sealife
so there are 2 ways to get in touch with us