Connections between Lucid dreaming and telekenetic powers

Ok this is going to be a long post but i would sincerely appreciate an answer.

Ok about a week ago i had a lucid dream. this wasn’t my first one but this one was different. i took lucid dreaming to a whole new level where everything became almost… more realistic then real life itself!!! anyway when i got out of the dream i had already forgotten most of the dream except the fact that it happened. so then a few days later my friend came over and i told him about my lucid dream. he said you should be careful about thinking that the lucid dream was reality because of someone who went schitzophrenic thinking the same thing i did. then a few minutes later i started hearing voices in my head and they were driving me crazy saying that i was dreaming and other stuff like that. then they wouldn’t stop i thought i was going insane then i started to panic as i went deeper in my mind. then all of a sudden i heard a crash and i opened my eyes. then i saw that the ventalation system cover on the ceiling was ripped clean out and my friend gasped and said “did you do that!” and now we have a theory that somehow my mind turned on itself and tried to make me go scitzophrenic so then i thought it was a dream and without the belief of physical limitations we think i somehow accessed some kind of telekenetic power. but is this possible :confused:

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I think that what your friend told you got into your mind. It’s quite a fascinating subject actually, it happens to me all the time.

You had something happen to you that you didn’t know much about. Whatever your friend told you would be gained as pure knowlage because you didn’t know any better. Since you didn’t question it, the whole idea of lucid dreaming making you crazy got into your head, making you believe it would happen, therefore making it happen.

It’s like being around a person pretending to be sick. (that you don’t know is pretending) If you’re someone who says, “Oh no, you’ll get me sick just by being in the same room!” then you’ll bring the sickness upon yourself even though there was never really any threat in the first place.

What happened is you believed in it so much that it started happening. The ventilation system burst on its own and because of your previous thoughts, you blamed it on yourself.

Get it? :grin:

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1- I don’t think it has anything to do with schizophrenia. If your friend was talking about the topic called “LDs drove my friend insane!” I wouldn’t worry about it.
2- The ventilation system could have broke on its own, so the only way to know if it was your tk powers would be to test them. Or to see if the problem in the ventilation system was there before (e.g, it was caused by a crack that was there earlier).