Conscious Sleep?

Has anybody tried sleeping while being conscious all night?

Almost like an extreme WILD. Lately, I have been falling into what I guess would be the beginning of REM sleep (lots of HI and Hsound) and having dreaming directly from the wakeful state. At least once a week it has been happening. It makes me wonder if doing this every cycle would be possible. Most of the time this happens I “wake up” into a false awakening, think about what just happened before waking up again. It seems I am only slightly aware of what is happening and still am startled by being unable to move.

I’ve achieved WILDs from wide awake and stayed conscious for hours, during the whole night, with forced awakening before the end of each dream, so I could use chaining.

It’s very interesting, but I don’t do it for 2 years, because it’s stressful to keep as habit.

You have to be very patient to achieve success, because it might take almost 3 hours to reach REM state while WILDing from wide wake.

Last night I was falling asleep listening to Infiniy’s Lucid Remix as I always do I just lay in bed. Nothing extraordinary seemed to happen but when I looked at the clock it read 2:00 AM. I wake up at 6:00 because of school so I flipped out, dreading tomorrow morning. When I glanced at my clock again it read 12:43 AM so I did a RC and it was reality. Really disappointing accidental WILD I guess…

Yes, the last night of an insomnia period is usually like that. Nothing else can really show you how long a night is.

I am even conscious in the non REM stage then. I can first feel my body and the room around me, while looping thoughts and “busy-ness” in the head takes over. If I have been playing a computer game, I can continue to “play” it in my head in that phase, or a song might be stuck in my head. After that comes more normal dreams.

At the ens of an insomnia period, my body probably falls asleep from tiredness while my brain stays conscious…

I tried a while ago. After about an hour and some minutes, I started to see visions and it seemed as though I was falling through the earth or something. I noticed the falling so I tried to grab something. I jumped up in my bed. I might have been on the brink of a dream. I don’t know.