consiousness reality dreams ??

I moved this topic to the cloud, because I felt it was better on its place there.

the follolwing is jsut some thoughts about lucidity and consciousness just some text to maybe talk to your subconscious mind and awaken your lucidty.
the following may have run on sentences and may not even make sense on certain parts but overall its jsut a bunch of stuff to ponder about reality and consciousness and whatnot if anyone has more to add to this go ahead put it out there like i did jsut type away and ask the questions that are on your mind
alnd and let me know what you thought while reading this thanks ----Ben

memories?? what are memories its liek here we are in the present here i am typing this is the present right now but what a bout 10 minutes ago all that is the past i remember turning on my computer thats the memory which kind of bleeds into the presence but the memories we have when we wake up doing bleed into the present
like here we are flying around in the night sky nonlucid then we wake up its like that memory and the current Present dont fit into each other but now if you were lucid and you were flying around in the night sky and you feel the dream is fading that present bleeds into the next presnt because you actually feel your dream reality deteriate and come apart while you start to feel tired and and cant hold on you fade into the waking reality
its like we always have to be in one reality or the other at all times and its wierd how this is the defualt one but is it truly the defualt one because lets say for example right now trying to recall a dream where we werent really lucid the details are kind of foggy but now lets say we are in a dream and lucid and there you are in the present but in a dream now the details of the waking reality becomes foggy. the waking consciousness now becomes “the dream” and for that moment when we are in the dream that reality feels like the default one jsut as how i am here typing this reality right now feels like the default one and its like i cant stay awake forever eventually i will fall asleep and what is falling asleep when you think about it is the we TRANSFER over to the OTHER reality in waking life we fall asleep and enter the dream realm and when we are lucid in the dream realm when we fall asleep (and by this i mean well yeah actually falling asleep or jsut letting go and not holding onto your lucidity anymore) we enter the waking life
the cool thing about the waking life is that we can sit here and daydream and conjure image and recall memeories without TRANSFERING completely to the other reality which we know as the dreamrealm now think about if we tried doing that in the lucid dream chances are we would easily transfer over the waking life reality