Consistent dream characters?

Hi all. I posed this question at another board but felt I should ask here as well. Have any of you ever experienced on a consistent basis certain dream characters? Not somebody from your waking life, but an original dream character. And not somebody who you bring into your dream on purpose, but they show up on their own accord. I realize that SOMETIMES you could unconsciously summon certain old dream character or even new ones, but again, ones that show up on their own accord and you don’t go out of your way to purposely create them. What I mean by consistent dream characters isn’t, “oh, there’s that elusive guy with the red hat again”, but dream characters that will interact with you and even go as far as acknowledging they “know” you, your history together, perhaps pick up a conversation you had together the last time you had seen each other? Really establishing a type relationship if you could call it that?

Thanks for any insight.

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Nope. They all appear different to me each time…

But I’ll keep an eye out for characters rather than simply symbols and animals and such. Perhaps I’ll see a recurring character.

Haha! D. D is my dream character thats in almost all my dreams. I can tell that subconsciously he’s my dad, cuz the character is always watching after what i do.

interesting that this happens. i wonder how common consistent dream characters are?

The dream characters you encounter are actually people you’ve seen in your life. Be it a someone asking for directions or someone sitting opp. you in a subway.

i wouldnt completely agree, Valhalla. plenty of DC’s i have are completely random people

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Wow, interesting thought! ^^
I’ve never personally had characters that consistent before in dreams, but it certainly seems a cool thought :3

It certainly seems possible, seeing as we can ‘summon’ things in lucidity, but a held memory of events you’ve had together? Not getting into a spiritual end of things, I think they would just be representations part of your mind, or people that you’ve been preoccupied with, consciously or otherwise?

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Well, I have had conversations with dream-characters, certainly, but mostly once I lose contact with them once, I’m unable to find them again ( with recent rare exceptions :3 ). But, I have had dreams with False Memories in which I was intimately familiar with the figure, and we were old friends :P. Those were in the singular, though.

Just asked my sister though, she DOES get recurrent dream characters, and they both recognize each other. :3 Apparently, they’re like best friends, though she doesn’t know his name, also-- he’s attractive. XD

She doesn’t practice or really care for lucid dreaming, and makes no effort to really think about the characters in her dreams past remembering them, so recurrent characters can happen without preoccupation with the thought of them :3 This seems an interesting idea to work with, experiment maybe? Perhaps we can all ask around ^^~

Hoping your curiousity will be satisfied, Reality!

Happy days!

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Thanks for the insight, anybody else?

Actually, I tried! I couldn’t find it at all D:

[left] Well, I’ve met this boy, and he showed me a book that his dad gave him… And in another dream we were sitting near eachother at a fancy dinner at some sort of mansion. We acknowledged eachother a little, but that was it.
Other than that, I can’t remember a time where I’ve had the same DCs[/left] in more than one dream.

I have a consistent dream character. The dream is almost always the same too…except he understands how many times I have seen him…

The Dream:
I’m walking in a subway/bus station. There is a lot of people walking past. I walk for awhile, and there is a non-descript door to the left side, just after a kiosk. I enter the door, and it is a stairwell. Theres stairs going up, and stairs going down. I go down one flight of stairs. I enter the door on that floor. There are apartments on the left and on the right. The 3rd door on the left is where I stop and knock. A man whom I dont know in real life answers, and we have sex. He usually says something like, “We’ve already done this once before, are you sure you want to do it again?”

The third time I visited him he said something to the extent of, “This is the third time youve come to see me” The 4th time he said something similiar, etc etc.

The moment he says that is when it makes me realize I’m dreaming, because I ask myself, “Have I really seen this person before? Oh I have, in a previous dream, oh, I’m dreaming again.”

Its always an eerie feeling when I wake up. I usually wake up not long after I realize I’m dreaming. Too bad, I would love to talk to him a little bit.

He is not the only dream character that notice how times they have seen me in my dreams. It is very interesting, and is exactly what brought me to these forums.

I never see the same characters in more than one dream. Sometimes in a dream I think I’ve seen them before in another dream, but it’s all false memories made up by the first dream. My brain creates all these complex memories of past dreams I’ve never actually had!

Mainly the same as StormThunder, except for the creating memories of past dreams thing.
One thing that annoys me IWL about my dreams is that they are completely and utterly unrelated to anything and absolutely random.
No continuity, except for the (very rare) few recurring dreams that I’ve had.

A consistent dream character when I was younger is that yoshi character from the mario games. He always used to run away and I would chase him to ask how he can fit those huge enemies in his mouth lol.

Well, sometimes when I have a nightmare it always seems to be the same person scaring me (except for if it was because of a scary movie).

Next time I have a nightmare with him, I’m going to face him and ask him why he keeps doing it to me.