Contemporary Conspiracy Theories (add your own!)

The last few years have been very good for conspiracy theories. The cloak-and-dagger used to be limited to small groups of conspiracy theorists but now actually get into the mainstream a lot. Here is a list of the conspiracy theories I can think of since Bush got into office. If you’re not American, don’t worry you can add some from your own country. Here we go…

Conspiracy Theory #1 - Bush and his brother Jeb Bush, the governor of Florida, stole the election by giving him the electoral votes he needed to win.

Conspiracy Theory #2 - Bush knew 9/11 was going to happen but didn’t prevent it because it suited an agenda.

Conspiracy Theory #3 - Jews/Israelis caused 9/11 as an excuse to attack the Middle East and undermine support for Palestinians.

Conspiracy Theory #4 - Bush didn’t know about 9/11 in advance but should have, because he was warned about it. He then had to cover up his negligence.

Conspiracy Theory #5 - Bush planned to attack Iraq all along, for revenge against Saddam’s plot to kill his father.

Conspiracy Theory #6 - Cheney was the mastermind behind the Iraq invasion so his former company Halliburton could make money there.

Conspiracy Theory #7 - The Iraq invasion was planned by the United States in advance so it could gain control of the oil, and 9/11 was the excuse.

Conspiracy Theory #8 - The Iraq invasion was just the first step in a planned crusade to take over the Middle East from the Muslims.

Conspiracy Theory #9 - Bush knew there were no WMD in Iraq all along, but used faulty intel to sell the war that otherwise would not have been supported.

Conspiracy Theory #10 - France, Germany and Russia would have supported the war against Iraq but didn’t because of under-the-table deals they had with Saddam Hussein.

Conspiracy Theory #11 - Bush was in cahoots with Ken Lay and other criminals at Enron who funneled money to him; this later had to be covered up.

Conspiracy Theory #12 - When an ambassador criticized the Bush administration, Bush leaked the CIA identity of the ambassador’s wife out of revenge.

Conspiracy Theory #13 - The Patriot Act, etc. are part of a larger effort to enhance the government’s control over ordinary Americans.

Conspiracy Theory #14 - The capture of Saddam Hussein was timed politically to help Bush (why December '03 is open to debate).

Conspiracy Theory #15 - Upon seeing Howard Dean was not a viable candidate to beat Bush, the media coordinated to destroy him.

Conspiracy Theory #16 - Dean was eliminated as a political contender by the Democrats’ chairman Terry McAuliffe, after Dean hinted he would be replaced.

Conspiracy Theory #17 - The downfall of Dean was masterminded by the Clintons, who feared another Democrat taking the helm of the Democratic party.

Conspiracy Theory #18 - Bill Clinton is working to undermine Kerry’s campaign because he wants Kerry to lose in '04 so Hillary will be the front-runner in '08.

Conspiracy Theory #19 - The scandal of Iraqi prisoner abuse in Abu Ghraib is only the tip of an iceberg of interrogation strategies outlined by the CIA/Rumsfeld.

Conspiracy Theory #20 - The release of Nick Berg’s beheading was timed politically to help the Bush administration politically.

Conspiracy Theory #21 - Nick Berg was actually killed by the CIA and the footage faked (see above).

Conspiracy Theory #22 - The discovery of a plot to detonate a ‘dirty bomb’ was timed politically to help the CIA/Bush after they had been criticized for not preventing 9/11.

Conspiracy Theory #23 - The death of Ronald Reagan was timed politically to help Bush after the Abu Ghraib scandal.

Conspiracy Theory #24 - Bush already has Osama bin Laden in custody, but this will only be revealed just before the election to help him politically.

whew That’s just off the top of my head. There are probably others, which you can add to the list, and I know there will be more coming out as we get closer to the election in November. :peek:

I just thought of a few other ones I forgot.

Conspiracy Theory #25 - Bill Clinton released his memoirs deliberately before the election to steal Kerry’s thunder.

Conspiracy Theory #26 - Ashcroft began using special military aircraft instead of commercial flights before 9/11 because he had hints about it in advance.

Conspiracy Theory #27 - Bush conspired with the Bin Laden family, giving them the ability to fly after 9/11 when all other flights were grounded.

Conspiracy Theory #28: The pentagon was not hit by a Boeing on 9/11 instead they faked it for purposes known only to themselves.

Fact: The boeing that was headed for the pentagon dropped off the radar 15mins before it would have reached it’s destination.

Conspiracy Theory #29: The WTC didn’t collapse as a result of the plane hits, but because several bombs exploded in the buildings.

Conspiracy Theory #30: 9/11 was planned by the Illuminati with the aid of the Bilderbergers, CFR and the Trilateral Commission. Their aim: to create the perfect political climate which is necessary to move further towards a US governed New World Order.

Conspiracy Theory #31: The US Army, together with CIA and NSA are currently working on the HAARP project, an ultra secret program, based in Alaska, to control people all over the globe. Further applications: climate control, earthquake triggering anywhere, killing anyone in any country by using ultra low sound frequencies.

Conspiracy Theory #32: The NSA is currently checking virtually every email correspondence in the US and Europe, in search for information which could potentially pose a threat to the national security of the US.

Conspiracy Theory #33: They never captured Hussein, only one of his many doppelgangers.

Mention of the planes reminded me of another of the original ones…

Conspiracy #34 - Flight 93 (the 4th one) was not taken down by the hijackers, but was shot down by military planes to ensure it would not reach a target.

Conspiracy #35 - Saddam Hussein’s WMD program was actually just on paper the entire time, to make people think he had WMD while ensuring no UN inspectors would find any.

Conspiracy #36 - Saddam Hussein smuggled all WMD out of his country shortly before the war with the assistance of the Syrian government.

I take it you are democrat, Montitor?

That’s an understatement! :tongue:

Aren’t there enough conspiracy theories out there? I hate this kind of crap with a passion. But while I’m here, I’ll ask if anyone is familiar with chem trails, the Illuminati, and the Skull & Bonesman. . .?

never heard that one… the whole Pentagon thing is quite controversial and both sides make good points… the best point being how the hell do you fly a plane going that damn fast into a pentagon with limited flight training?

Or hit two sky scrapers for that matter… head on… with such coordination…

Conspiracy Theory #2 - Bush knew 9/11 was going to happen but didn’t prevent it because it suited an agenda.

Fact: … 07-01.html
Jeb Bush declared Martial Law on September 7, 2001… Guess who was in a Fla school house during the attacks?

here are some things to look at for 9/11 that will make you scratch your head off in anger and confusion.…efs_010501.html

" • Mom Hopes Mystery Boy Is Her Son
• ‘Silly Season’ Begins in 2004 White House Race
• Lowly Fruit Fly’s Amazing Flight Secrets
Code named Operation Northwoods, the plans reportedly included the possible assassination of Cuban émigrés, sinking boats of Cuban refugees on the high seas, hijacking planes, blowing up a U.S. ship, and even orchestrating violent terrorism in U.S. cities.

The plans were developed as ways to trick the American public and the international community into supporting a war to oust Cuba’s then new leader, communist Fidel Castro."

Rumsfield spoke of missles with a slip of the toungue on 9/11

see for more info.

on to the missle… … ic.php?t=3

more info than you’ll ever need

watch the videos toward the bottom of the post…

What the hell is that pod, and why the hell is there an explosion before the plane hits? They raise so many valid questions that are not being answered, but rather, covered up in secret testiomonys behind closed doors.

and lastly, the government is shocked and intelligence agencies baffled that terrorists could fly planes into buildings, yet, FOX sure isn’t… they made an episode of the lone gunmen about terrorists flying planes into the WTC in early 2001, I watched it back then.

thoughts about flying planes by remote control (which is certainly possible)

I do encourage everyone to look through that stuff if you hadn’t heard about it before.

Since the government isn’t answering our questions we have to assume they are covering something up, if nothing other than extreme incompetence.

and conspiracy theory #13 is more of a fact than a conspiracy, i’d say.

On August 16, Zacharias Moussaoui was arrested by an FBI agent, because he was a flight school student who showed little interest in learning how to land planes. The FBI agent wrote that he seemed like “the type of person who could fly something into the World Trade Center.” This was about the same time a Minneapolis FBI agent tried to bring to light the fact that a 747 loaded with fuel was equivalent to a large weapon. In 1996, an al-Qaeda “cell” was thwarted when they tried to hijack an American commercial plane and crash it into CIA Headquarters.
“Lies And The Lying Lairs Who Tell Them,” Al Franken.

So I don’t think they can really plead ignorance.


Umm, is that really a “theory”? I kind of considered it an open fact.

I just wanted to say, Nice avatar. I’m a huge fan of Shining Force 2. :content:

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yeah, there is this FBI Agent named Sibel Edmonds that says she has lots of papers that prove the government lied about 9/11, specifically about the aspect of using planes as weapons…

She’s had a gag order over her head since 9/11 unfolded, pretty much, and said if she can’t get the documents release legally she might have to go to “other means”.

So they must be something worthwhile to hear… but you know how they backtracked and said “maybe some intelligence agencies were aware of the threats of planes being used, but I don’t directly recall being informed of it”

stupid politics/politicians.

I’m not saying I believe all of the conspiracy theories, I just think it’s interesting that there are so many of them these days.

Yeah I know about these… Pretty disturbing stories… Isn’t Bush “New World Order” Sr. a member of the Order of Skull & Bones?

mystic, I would not be surprised. I’ve heard that Pres Bush and John Kerry are both in it. . . I remain neutral on my own opinion regarding these societies. I know so little about them that I have yet to take a stance.

Yeah, the Illuminati is real— it’s called the Trilateral Commission. :tongue:

holy, yeah, I personally believe the US government allowed the 9/11 attacks. It’s a page straight out of Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War.” And not to sound shocked or anything, but I didn’t realize many other people knew about Operation Northwoods. You’d think more than just a handful of people could draw conclusions by comparing similar events, eh?

United Kingdoms, United States Of America, United Nations, United World ruled by New World Order, that almost makes sense doesn’t it?

As the dollar bill sayes: novus ordo seclorum = A new order of the ages, though its no suprise that bill is full of Templar Knight/Freemason symbology as USAs founding fathers were openly masons.

Many links to official media sites with information about Bush and others connectino to this Skull&Bones organization.

“My senior year I joined Skull and Bones, a secret society, so secret I can’t say anything more.” ‘A Charge to Keep’ 1999 campaign autobiography George W. Bush

Also both Kerry and Bush have admitted belonging to it in official media conferences. … bones.html

Kerry is also a Skull & Boner? Jeez… they’re truly everywhere.

Actually the Illuminati is an even more secret and powerful organization. The Trilateral Commission, CFR, Skull & Bones, Priory of Sion and the Bilderberger group are said to be some of the many instruments of this group.
The main financiers of the Illuminati are the Rockefellers and expecially the Rothschilds, a incredibly rich Jewish banking dynasty who has more money than Bill Gates will ever have. However, they’re never mentioned in the Forbes List of Billionaires. Otherwise it wouldn’t be all that secret anymore :smile:

Well, I know what they’re said to be–which is generally: the invisible, omnipotent bogeymen who are responsible for all the evils in the world–I just don’t believe in them. :content:

It’s easy to see that the people who hold the most power in the oppressive classes have very similar interests with one another most of the time, but to believe that a handful of families gets together every once in a while to decide how to rule the world is just a bit too… “out there” for me to believe. :tongue: