Content of Dreams in Relation to One's Age

As a matter of courtesy: I’d ask that after reading the following post, you do not judge me or make comments stating that I have a sick, perverted mind. Being a young teenager, I still struggle with finding out who I am and those sort of accusations would not help… at all. Thank you in advance.


First off, thank you for actually READING this topic! I personally try to at least read, if not reply to, every thread in most of the forum section, so I appreciate you doing the same for me. Okay, I am fourteen years old and in the beginning stages of puberty. Recently my voice has begun cracking, as well as the other symptoms of maturity. However, these common things that are widely recognized as having to do with puberty are not ALL that I’ve noticed. I’ve also noticed that, along with the desire for sexual interaction (which I’ve had for two years already, it’s nothing new) has come change in the content of my dreams. It’s been several weeks since I posted in my online DJ because of the fact that all my recent dreams have been sexually explicit, featuring nude or scantly clad women. I know that at this age different hormones are being produced to make changes in my body and my mind, and I wondered: Do the hormones I’ve recently begun producing effect the content of my dreams? I wondered if maybe these new hormones had anything to do with Serotonin, Melatonin, or the body’s sleep cycle. Any answers will be helpful, thank you.

I don’t know much scientifically about that, but I’m 100% sure it’s natural, due to age, I researched on it because I had a wet dream once and wondered what happened, I just happen to have really poor recall which made me forget about the dream, don’t worry.


Gotta echo the above replies: it’s completely natural. Are you thinking it’s something wrong with you or something that bugs you, or are you just looking for why you’re dreaming that way? In any case, you can always try to incubate different dreams by dwelling on what you’d rather dream of over the course of the day. The more the sexual content bugs you, the more likely it is to be prevalent in your dreams. I see you’ve got the same LD goal as the last time I checked, so why not try envisioning that more?

Its quite possible that hormones and your subconcious can give you these kinds of dreams, especially at this major growth point in your life (If your waking life can be affected by hormones, then why not your dreams too? ^^). I really wouldn’t worry too much about it as its only natural, your not alone.

However that been said , other than what i hear from friends with thier own dreams, i personally wouldn’t know. Ive never had any sexual dreams of any sort and im 22, though that could be because im asexual. However I’ve had plenty of fantasy and surreal dreams, and ive always enjoyed having those because they are usually quite fun.