Continually failing to become lucid.

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Ok, it’s like, I’ve been doing Auto-suggestion, MILD (plus trance-induced LD-s) and I haven’t gotten results for the past year and a half. What can I do? I’m not able to WILD or anything else because I can’t concentrate adequately for those techs.

Despair… :crying:

well since no one has looked at your topic let me say this

this isn’t your let-it-do-it-for-you sports. Try WILDing several times, try MILD and auto-suggestion, but do it with meaning not just wily nily and

there are more techniques, you just have to search for them

WILDing isn’t that hard if you concentrate

I’m not sure what works for you, but it seems as if you’re trying a little too hard, which can sometimes defeat your efforts. What I would do in your shoes: Take a break from trying to have lucid dreams for a little while. However, if that’s too drastic for you, then just ease up a bit. Just will it and let it happen. Don’t force it. (Of course, use the technique that you feel most comfortable with using.)

That’s just what I think you should try. It works for me, and it has a better success rate if you can sustain a state of “knowing” that you will have that lucid. Whatever you decide to do, I wish you the best of luck.


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Heya, i’ve had the same problem as you i was signed up to the forums a year or so ago and just got back into LDing (had one last night, but as soon as i realized i was dreaming i woke up :cry: ) so started this account heh.

well anyway I think my main problem, and possibly yours, is dream recall. do you got yourself a journal?

also, maybe combine any method with WBTB if you arent already?

well gl to you and hope you get lucid! :wink:

i had the same problem (not as bad) and wasnt able to lucid dream for about 4 months after learning about it. Every night i would use techniques and would constantly do RCs, but after a while i noticed that i did them more as a habit than acutally understanding what i needed to do. I would ask myself if i was dreaming and say no, but i would say no without thought. About a week after i noticed this and after i had began to really “beleive” i could (lol), well i did!
i dont think you can try too hard, its more just a matter of beleiving and when you try, actually try. (if that makes sense.)