Contracts/Signatures in Dreams

First of all “Hello” :v:t3::blush:

I’ve been looking for a long time to find a place to discuss my dreams and experiences because from what I know till now, they are defenitely “not normal” or “usual”. But this is probably the case with most of you here.
So I am a little bit concerned because something strange keeps occuring in my dreams.

There are some “people” in my dreams who keep trying to get me to sign something like a contract or a receit
It’s seems like they want to get my signature for some kind of reason, it seems they want to trick me but I don’t know into what.
First there where like vampire-like entities who tried this. I rejected them and tried to protect me from them. 2 years have passed and now they are trying again but another interesting information came to play. They noticed that if they asked me directly if I wanted to sign “their contract” I would not do it so they came up with another way:
They made me buy something in my dream (not lucid) for excactly 6$ (it was a water bottle and I thought wow this is way too expensive but anyways I’m thristy). Then they wanted me to sign the receit. I thought it was exaggerated since it was a small amount of money but the seller convinced me to sign. Luckly I didn’t exactly sign with my REAL signature. I only signed with a part of it.
Yesterday night “they” were disguised as an old neighbour of mine. He tried to sell me a cat for again 6$. he was very persistent even though I explained him I don’t have the living surroundings to own a cat. He tried to make me feel bad and said if nobody buys the cats I will have to give them away. (they cats were extraordinary with incredible patterns, like marble in in black, with, pink and purple) I almost bought the cat and I’m sure he would have asked me to again give him s signature. I think this would be the attempt to get my real signature, not just a part of it. but luckly i remember leaving the dream scene without a cat & without signing something.
so what is the agenda of these entities or whoevery tries to get me into some kind of contract? It seems really scetchy to me and I know and feel that I MUST NEVER sign something in my dreams.
what do you peps say to this? maybe similar experiences or ideas? I’m open thanks :blush:

(I believe in dreams as something spiritual and not only something psychological and mental. So please don’t try to come up with a some kind of psychologial anlaysis bc I’m pretty sure it has something to do with another entity/consciousness whatever)

I don’t think I have experienced with anything like this and we may have different perspectives on the topic, but if I may make a suggestion, consider treating it as a dream sign to help you become lucid?
If you can connect a mindful reality check to the situation of someone asking you for a signature, you may become lucid and be better able to analyze the situation with a lucid mind and figure out for yourself what is happening. Aha, signing in your dreams as a dream sign. :lol:


that’s actually a good tipp. I also thought about confronting the figures in my dreams and asking them for what reason they want my signature so bad :rofl:

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That would probably be what I would try to do in your situation. Good luck!

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I had a dream this morning where somebody wanted a signature from me. I think this was influenced by reading this thread. Since I was lucid, I just said “why not“, I’m not afraid of consequences. And there were none so far for me. Although I actually had my wife sign it, because my hands weren’t free.

Maybe this is a suitable strategy for you as well? Have a proxy sign the thing they want you to sign and trick them into believing they got what they wanted without actually having given them anything from you.

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