I got this problem of not being able to control what i do… Its like i am drunk or something when i am lucid.

I guess in waking life I dont have much control over what i do sometimes.

anyways:) maybe someone has some ideas:)


love alana

Just keep trying.

It happens. Don’t make a fuss over it and you’ll see.

Are you sure during these occasions that it’s actually a lucid dream, and not just a normal dream on the topic of lucid dreaming? In other words, are you conscious at the time, and clearly able to think “Hey, I’m dreaming right now”, or is it simply a regular dream in which you’re ‘pretending’ that you know that you’re dreaming? (Confusing, eh?) :smile:

When you say you don’t have control over what you do, does this mean you aren’t able to move properly, like you’re mostly paralyzed? I’ve had that a number of times when I was dangerously close to waking up. Either I’d lose control over my legs, or otherwise find myself in a position where I can’t stand up properly. Is that similar to what you’re talking about?

hmm… let me think… maybe u are right… cause i am thinking bout yes i am dreaming… and then i think i get caught up in the idea that i am dreaming an lucid…
not that i think about it i havent had a highly lucid dream for a while?

but i am definatly lucid… cause i can control things. it is more like i do stupid things. like the other day i wanted to find my guide and i just went up to everyone and asked them if they are my guide, then i would start stupid onversations and like rub people on the head… I have gotten some people pissed off doing this. its more like i dont have compleate control over my mind…mmmm like i am drunk or clouded mind. My lucid dreams are clouded… maybe this could be cause i have been a bit sick and getting off strong meds…

Maybe you just get excited by everything and go a bit daffy. It’s been known to happen, that’s why people memorize lists of things they want to do.

Well, consider it this way:

How clearly can you think after just waking up in the morning? I don’t know about you, but for the first 4 or 5 minutes of wakefulness each morning, I’m liable to do absolutely anything. Feed the alarm, turn off my cat, scribble something in Chinese into my journal, and God knows what else. It takes a few minutes for the conscious mind to properly wake up, so why should this be any different when it ‘wakes up’ in a dream?

See if you can retain the lucidity for about 5 minutes before doing anything intensely exciting, after which time your conscious mind should have ‘woken up’ enough to be able to think clearly. I recommend calmly examining your environment, and perhaps using a few of your favorite stabilization techniques for the first couple of minutes after it becomes apparent that you’re dreaming.

Good luck. :smile:

hey cool athiest!!

great idea dude :cool_laugh: