Controlling but not lucid?

A long long time ago,
I had this dream, and it was starting off bad, I ended up running from something, but before i was running, it all added up to these events in which caused this bad ending… in the dream, I knew I didn’t want this to happen, somehow, I controlled it, but I wasn’t fully aware…I had made the dream scene LITERALLY rewind before my eyes and around me, until i was back to the start…where it all began, I made just one different choice, and so the outcome would not be bad again, then the dream was over…

have you ever done this?
I wouldn’t say I consider this a lucid dream, but possibly close to it.
alike another 2 dreams listed in my DJ, over time I got more and more concious in my dreams. sadly, my progress is gone for now, due to school and all… :sad:

Maybe FLD :wink: if you didnt control the dream its a definite FLD, but if you were aware it was an LD, I use to have FLD’s sometimes :cool:

It happens to me all the time. It’s like an actual dream is o more than a play, or a film, and suddenly I can order the “actors” around, to do as I say and want, and predict. I just don’t know how it’s possible, nor how it doesn’t trigger lucidity.