controlling DC too much = no fun

I am starting to feel not so excited anymore because of my own control and expectations of DC’s…

Am I the only one or are there more who feel the same way?

I know my own expectations too well so this morning I was testing a DC. I asked him if he wanted to hug me and so he did and then I told him that he wasn’t real but he was in my dream and I was thinking while saying that that he should be angry and pinch me, and yes there it was, he pinched me. When I thought, okay now pinch me less… he pinched me less… I tried to test if I could feel pain so I thought that he should squeeze me real hard and he did and I felt exactly the pain I was expecting to feel. Everything is EXACTLY as how I expects it… It really isn’t that much fun anymore… :sad:
In the beginning when I first started to understand LDing I felt really excited about discovering this but it’s all gone now… it even starts to show up in my NDs but for now that’s fine

Don’t say that. Be happy that you got a LD which you could control. Since I think you are at the biginning of your quest, you will also have LD’s which you can barely control - tell me then which type you prefer ! :wink:

Don’t be let down ! Really, you just begun. Not everything on this world is how you expect it to be ! You expected LD’s to be exciting and fun. Well, there are many which are uncontrollable (or “over-controllable”), frightening, where you don’t know how to achieve what you want to, some which are blurry and foggy (etc.)

Well, I once felt the same disappointment as you do. But not because I could control everything too well, but because my first LD wasn’t vivid at all. It was very blurry and foggy so I thought “If all LD’s are like that, what’s the point ?”. I then gave up and returned to LD’ing 3/4 of a year later. That I pretty much regretted.

Giving up now would be the worst thing you’d do (in your LD’ing life). Don’t lose excitement, you’ll see that other types of LD’s will come up ! And don’t just command a DC to do things. Run around, visit some place you wanted, go on a space-ship (eh…) do something. :neutral:

thank you, I needed to hear this. I just didn’t feel excitement anymore because every DC becomes me … does exactly what I think it will do. But you are right about doing things, that’s my goal right now because I have quite some difficulty with creating surroundings. Maybe I overthink in my LDs… :neutral:

somehow in my LDs my DCs always feel like they’re not a part of me at all. like i’m here doing my thing, and they’re just running around, like i’m not in a dream at all, or better yet - someone else’s dream :happy: even the one i summoned felt like it wasn’t a part of me.
my advice to you is that you should stop thinking about DCs at all in your dreams. act like they’re not there! then they should come out themselves, but i think… this time without your knowing :smile: because your SC will just spit them out! haha. or you can keep ignoring them… they should start bugging you to talk with them or do something :smile: i mean you can’t just sit around staring at a wall in a LD. your SC just won’t let you :smile:
anyway, that’s what i do, i don’t mind them at all whatsoever. i think that’s why they feel like real life things :smile:

Thanks avalinah, I’ll try to remember that. I need to let things go I guess. I always feel like I need to do something with them but I will ignore them next time and see what happens. ALthough it’s kinda hard to ignore them because most LDs begin in my bedroom and they just walk in and sit on my bed… or on me lol

just completely ignore them :smile: i remember a few LDs ago i became lucid when i was in a mall. imagine a mall? tons of people :smile: and the minute i became lucid, i just didn’t mind them at all xD i stretched out my hand and summoned the Doctor and hugged him, did my things… who cares that people were around me while i was doing that :smile: don’t even mind them at all :smile: same as how you don’t mind people in your real life. you don’t tell them what to do in your mind, do you :tongue: so try to do that in LDs too. you make it real or not real after all :wink: so you have to expect it to be like life (unexpected and not predicted), and it’ll be that way :smile:

I’ve never dreamt of a mall filled with people, would be pretty cool to experiment with ignoring them there haha
and it’s not like I tell them what to do, I can but mostly it’s just that they act in a way and I know why they act like that because I expected them to act that way and so I can manipulate that but I will try my best to ignore them :tongue:

thanks avalinah for all the help :touched:

i hope you can try it out tonight! how many LDs have you had by the way?

i don’t know if i can give good advice because i haven’t had many yet. but i try my best :smile: however mine have been all very different, so i can at least say how i felt. you know, in the first ones i had i had a similar problem to you! when i realized it’s a dream, any DC would stop and become a frozen puppet. i could shake them and they would not react in any way. but then this problem resolved on its own! partly i think because i took the LD world as another real world. to me it’s not a dream :smile: it’s a second life. and that’s why i think my SC tries my best to keep it that way :smile:

also, i don’t have control in most my LDs. i don’t even have good lucidity most of the times. but it’s ok, cause i do fear that my dreams could become ‘predetermined’ and thus boring. but i don’t think that’ll happen :smile:

I worry about that too, that’s why I also made this topic. I’m really worried my dreams will stop to surprise me. Some still freak me out when I wake up and think about the things that happened but I never freak out or have fear in my dreams. I was saying it in chat the other day that I never have nightmares anymore. I feel a bit sad about that actually… :neutral:

I’m not sure about how many LDs I’ve had, I never counted… I am not even sure where to draw the line between ND and LD. I have some control in most of my dreams and I usually know that I am dreaming but I often lack the motivation to take all control. So like, I don’t have the control on what the dream is going to be about but I do bring things in or delete a scene or place the scene at a later moment… like that. I guess those are low lucid.
And then there are the LDs that happen in the morning after woken up already and those usually begin in my room and my dream body leaving my physical body. Those are very different than the ones at night. Sometimes in the morning when I am having HI I start to see a LD coming and I try to hold on to it but I think I over focus, so that’s something to work on.
Hmmm and then there are the very vivid and fully in control LDs, those are still rare for me. Something to work on too…just need to focus some more at night and less in the morning. :happy:
I still remember two very vivid LDs from when I was …something about 7… It just happened and I liked them so so much. In one there was this specific smell and I’ve smelled almost that same smell twice in RL when I was way older, it felt like good memories. makes me smile right now :smile: :happy:

Leonie, it won’t always necessarily be that way :wink: check out my DJ (in sig) - my last LD was a scary one xDD

wow, you seem to be a natural at LDing :smile: i’m jealous!

Havant had many LD’s so far,but todays LD was probably one of the best. There was some guy with me in a room,and after realizing that im dreaming exatly the same thing you just discribed happened ;D I asked him,if he could take me home (couse i were lost somewhere in the forest),or give me some tips how to do that by myself,but he was standing still,like frozen,just staring at me.

that’s quite freaky…

Please don’t say that :smile:
One year ago i’m trying to havé LD with only one LD.
So enjoy tour LD

As previously mentioned, what you should really do If you have that much control over your LDs is go and fly (my favourite thing to do) go recreate the battle of vimy ridge (that was fun), go talk to aliens (maybe you wont be able to control them), or anything else that seems fun and you wanted to do :smile:

Just change your DC into any character you wish; you’ll get heaps of variety.

I’ve honestly never interacted with any of my DC’s in an LD :eh:

I mean I’ve only had 11, but still, it’s never really been a main part of my LD’s for some reason. Normally it’s just my own world, flying and what not.

IRL I have a lot of friends and I’m very social, but deep down I’m a very independent person, so I think my subconscious might be reflecting that in my dreams.

I am still thinking about why I have this control over DCs most of the time and I think I might know why…

Since I was really young… like…5… I made up stories and imagined them so they looked exactly like dreams but were mostly in my control. I played all main characters. So quite some mornings I’m doing that same thing, everything is the same as in dreams, some are logical like RL, others lack every logic. I play every main character and even though the setting is determined I can change things and make up new characters and scenes. Sometimes I become lucid, but mostly it’s my mind creating something and going with it, let everthing happen like making a movie and playing all parts. It is like a combination between regular daydreaming and NDs. I feel how characters feel, I know what their roles are but I don’t always know what they will do exactly. I can wake up from them and go back to them very easily. This morning I made a few dreams in about 3 hours while waking up at least 5 times.
So that’s what I often do en I think I’m so used to doing this that I even start to control and know what DC will do in NDs and LDs. There are just vague lines between dreams I make up, NDs and LDs…

And I don’t know if this is something specific for me because I’ve been doing this for so long or if it’s rather normal for others too?

to give you an example of this morning: I was a guy, who turned out to be a prince from the dark side. I was in love with a fairy who was also a very important character but she wasn’t in this part of the dream. So I came upon a village and I was standing in front of a mob that wanted to know why I came there. I was also the mob, and I fed the mob with suspicion but also with fear. I created an old man who was watching out of a window and who made a spell to destroy the prince from the dark side. I came back to the prince, he felt something was wrong and he saw the man, watched him with the eye of an eagle. The prince then said to the mob that there was a bad creature in their village and he was going to destroy him. The prince, I, then grabbed the old man with power and hunted him down over the cornfields. I teleported to his body, walked the mob to the place to watch what I was going to do to the body. I took the man by the head and stripped his flesh from his body. I now had his skeleton in my hands and figured I could use it as a magical flying horse/broom and I looked at the mob and flew away on the mans skeleton.

So I did have control and I was multiple characters, I didn’t have the setting in control and some things just turned up without planning like going to the village and the cornfield. And I wasn’t fully in control but more of a dreamy control, like I made it up but I didn’t overthink it so I didn’t know where it was going… I don’t know how to explain this very well… :sad:

Does this sound familiar to anyone?
Sorry for the long post…

wow, this is crazy :tongue: no, i’ve definitely never had anything like this. i doubt many people have :tongue: when i dream, i sometimes switch characters, but i am never all of them at once. usually, especially if i’ll have enemies in my dreams, i will have no idea what they feel or want to do :tongue:

wait, you’re telling people in your dreams what to do, and then you feel bad that they’re doing it?

what in the world? are you serious? so why don’t you stop telling them what to do?

but hold on, I have a better idea. why don’t you forbid them to touch you? i bet they’d touch you anyway.

try it and see what happens.

ooh, good one. yeah, tinkerbell might be onto something! like… do you know how you laugh, and then think “this is the worst time to laugh” and try not to, and you can’t stop laughing all the more then? or try not to think of something, but end up thinking about it more and more? maybe this could work with your DCs too :smile: