Controlling the ND? Without will? A good DS/RC

Hey I discovered a technique for the people who dont do RC´s in Dreams. )Dont know why I just do that to proove that 'I´m dreaming):
To explain it i should talk about a dream I had yesterday i think:
My parents arranged a date for me (a Dream you know^^). So I met her on the * i dont know the english word, you know the thing where trains arrivê and leave^^*
But then I found out (better I thought) that she is a drugs queen.^1 She had one girl with her, so after a while of talking a angry drug guy appeared and scremed me on I shouldnt deal drugs. Is said I just go out with her. After a while he came back and hit me, i hit back. (we hasd a fight) I screamed that I just go out with that (i could train myself to not say what I thought about her) after a while of fighting he lifted me up and I screamed “I JUST WANT TO GO OUT WITH THAT BI***”. Then I thought “I hope he dont ran and tell her what I said!”,^2 and he ran at the moment to her and tell it. I came to her tried to explaining and thought “I hope she dont go away”^3 She go away so i thought “she will be cold and just leave” So she did that.^4 I hoped that she dont say sth against me so she and her friend said sth against me^5
That five points I though what Is like to be if the persons did. And they did that.

I think that is good, if you can set ya mind to make a RC. If you think that sth shouldnt happen or should happen, it will happen in a dream. I think this is a huge dream sign. What do you think? (it´s like in a nightmare, where you think “I hope a monster dont appear” so it will appear)

Possibly the word you’re looking for is terminal, which would describe the area where [trains, busses, etc] arrive, board, and leave. What is the German word for it?

That technique would actually be a good way to work RCing into your dreams. How often do you find yourself doing this in your dreams, and do you do it regularly do it in real life, or is this just an idea you got from that dream?