controlling your dreams?

bad english

So last night i saw my 3d LD… it was a DILD, and tried many things, such as summoning Froyd (he didnt come, just 2 girls i know came :sad: ), fly, asking persons what is their meining for me etc. But when i woke up i realised something… i wasnt controlling my dream, i was just controlling my actions! its a big difference between these 2! My dream made the places, the persons etc, i was just doing things that i want in these places… so how do i control my dreams? :confused:
and secondly, how i increase my lucidity?

A lot of new people have trouble controlling things inside their dreams, even when they realise they are in one. I recommend reading this Dream Control training guide. It’s very helpful and covers how to control and stablise your lucid adventures. :content:

thanks! :smile: