have you heard from anny conventions(somehow related to annything we’re talking about in the dreaming forums) near where you live? post them here(i dunno if it’s okay to post that but may be good to share)

well, there’s one near where i live, in the netherlands,

in the " 't leiehoes"(limburgiastraat) in heerlen(limburg,netherlands)
it’s next sunday
and it’s called the paranormale beurs
well, if annyone near heerlen is interested, they should go there:P i’ll be there too, cos i’d like to see it

There’s some kind of anime convention coming to my city soon, but I don’t know the details. A friend told me about it the other day and I forgot it until I saw this post.

ehh okay, i couldn’t go to the paranormal convention because i let my homework stack up too much:(

A Convention, that would be really really cool, can you imagine the stuff they would sell, nova dreamers, dream crystals, herbs, etc.

I wouldnt hesistate but to go to one

Hey I just thought of something why dont we try and create a convention for dreams and other related subjects.

Like an LD4all meeting ! :cool_laugh:
Great idea !

[size=75]But due to that Im 15 and that no one knows that Im lding I think that I cant go unless its in my hometown … :sad: :shy: [/size]

What we could do if PasQuale wants to is get a Guest Map on this site and we will see where we all live and the area with the most people in it will start a convention.

if you find me the best free guestmap on internet i’m going to add it to LD4all :content:

actually been looking for one for quite some time, still unsuccessful.