Convincing friends LDs are real

I don’t know how to convince my friend that LD’s are real. I’ve had them myself but he is an animator and his dreams are all mixed up anyway… ( Fighting in a cemetary swings his sword “whoops wrong effect” swings at different angle “there we go!!”)
How do I convince him???

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Why do you want to? If he’s not interested, you shouldn’t force it on him.

If he’s making fun of you or saying that you made it all up, though, just tell him that, "It’s just the way the brain works, okay?? The neural system inhibits the activation of the vividness of memories, serotonic neurons inhibit hallucinations, and these themselves are inhibited during REM sleep. So this allows dreams to appear real, while preventing competition from other perceptual processes, and dreams are mistaken for reality.
"Most studies report a deactivation of the dorso-lateral prefrontal cortex and associative parietal areas during both NREM and REM sleep, and an activation of pontine tegmentum, thalamus, limbic/paralimbic structures (including the amygdala) and temporo- occipital areas (other than primary visual cortex) during REM sleep or dreaming.
“When the cognitive aspect of mistaking a dream for reality is corrected, though, initiated by re-activating the prefrontal cortex that is usually only active when we’re awake, the sensory aspect of mistaking a dream for reality does not necessarily follow. The result is a lucid dream, like I keep describing to you. Get it? Come on, it’s so simple!”

It’s not guaranteed to convince him, it might not even be all correct, but he might leave you alone for a while… :huh:

It’s not that. He said it would be awesome but it was just a myth.

Ah, his loss then :wink:

I´ve kinda given up on convencing people to LD… people know I do them but I only tell them how to do it if are really genuinely interested… otherwise… why bother

Oh well I told him what you told me too and it basically left him speechless. No clue what he thinks tho…

When my friend did that, I just waited until I had one, and then I told him all about it! Now he tells me stories about when he has his own rare LDs… his fave RC is the finger counting.

If you tell them about it enough, they will eventually have one, or at least that’s what happened to my friends! Now they all enjoy LDs, but none have taken the extra step and actually… JOIN LD4all like I told them!

Ditto… all the guys in my science class loved the idea… but apparently they don’t want to join… grr… after they said they would an’ all… growls

with all the scientific evidence of lucid dreams available now, all it would even take to prove it to him probably is just having him do some extremely light research. Like, really light research. Wikipedia talks about the lucid dreaming studies, for cryin’ out loud. i really can hardly even believe that he could poosibly be denying what is almost common knowledge by now. must be very unnaccepting of new ideas.

Well some people say reincaration is also common and proven but i dont believe in that.

Not proven in the sense that you can inject someone with a glow-in-the-MRI fluid and see which bits of our meat are in charge of this, causing that.

There’s a lot more that goes into proper critical thinking than “what people say = proof → add to paradigm (Y/N?)”
This idea or set of ideas: does it follow, does it fit? In its own context? In the context of your experience? In the context of other trusted people’s experiences, as they communicate to you?
Especially: What’s the source? What’s the bias of this source?
Is there a gap between your experience and these new ideas, and might that gap be figuratively bridged with more information from experience? Or is it not worth recalibrating one’s own bias?

So it seems, for the last two, there is a vast gap that’s not worth building a bridge for, between you and reincarnation, and between the friend you mentioned and lucid dreaming.

Everybody has a different idea of what efforts are worth the gain when it comes to being open to ideas: some swing across gullible open canyons, others got safe solid bridges clustered in a tiny plot of land that is so well-defended that it might well be a prison, most are somewhere in-between… and I personally think it’s wrong to redesign someone else’s mental turf on purpose, a tiny inside plot of it or completely. That’s manipulative. Only the borders ought to be fair game, when they bump.

Sorry for getting so caught up with the metaphors, am done now. Bottom line: lucid dreaming isn’t Hinduism :eh:

Still haven’t got a reply from the guy yet… No clue what he’ll say…

they are not your friends if they do not trust you when you speak plainly the truth to them,

this is the meaning of adversary,

why be friends with a stream of consciousness that will subvert your power if you expose your glory to it and it refuses to see?

(thoughts on what i said? is this wrong ? is this right? what do i mean ?)

it is so difficult to convince people. dreams are really overlooked and under-rated in society

Kali? That was well said :content:

If he doesn’t believe in something as simple an idea as lucid dreaming, it’s his loss.

Keep the LD’s to yourself.

Lucid dreams are scientifically proven. As todzak said, just tell him to google it.

But I know it’s hard… I haven’t really had that problem, people beleive me. But they’re not interested! I find it so increadibly weird. Man, people are weird. :bored:

“LD’s are increadible!, etc, etc, etc”
“yeah, cool.”
“did you hear me? you can do anything you want to.”
“mhm, sounds cool.”
“but, but… but, …”

It’s funny how people don’t seem to want to do the things they want to do. :rofl:

I cannot tell you how many times I have tried convincing others that LD’s are real.
I only really tell them if they are close to me. I don’t really want to seem “weird” or anything to some people who don’t know me very well. (I don’t wanna scare them off :tongue: )
I try to tell them, but they refuse to beleive such a thing could exist. It’s too good to be true, they say.

Dr. Greg House says: Everybody lies.
Meaning everybody exaggerates, or has a slightly skewed perception of the same thing, or are in denial… since lie is such a strong word, but since it’s so common for people to do just that, lie to make themselves look good or to help the world make sense, I doubt anyone has friends who really believe everything they say anymore.

Doesn’t mean we have to file them as an Adversary. Might just be a difference of opinion, maybe even a sign that we ourselves are exaggerating/deluding/denying more than normal.

Well, lucid dreaming is a skill, usually requires effort, and what they do in a dream even if it’s the act they always wanted to do … isn’t real. Not everyone’s into video games, or creative writing, so it’s awful ethnocentric to presume that everyone must be interested in lucid dreaming and are just weird if they aren’t. :neutral:

I don’t have this problem…People believe me but are not interested :tongue:

Of course they don’t have to be interested in LD’s :tongue:

But there’s so much more than video games and creative writing to lucid dreaming.

Every one has some things they want but can’t have or do, and lucid dreaming can give you that experience, most of the times… The physical and social results are not real, but the experience is… at least that’s how I see it…

And I don’t really mean weird :eek: just goofing around :wink: There’s no such thing as weird.