Cool alarm clock for people that can't get up!

I stumbled upon this:

I have no other information on it though :shy: if anyone is interested and finds out more post it here! Seeing as some people have trouble getting up for WBTB this might be a good way to really be forced to wake up and use your brain a bit :tongue:

OMG lol, that thing looks awesome

I need this thing immediately.

no good for helping with dream recall though! :lol:

Nice one :content:. I have this one myself:

Same idea; when the alarm goes the helicopter takes off to… somewhere and you have to find it and put it back to stop the alarm. I can’t get mine to work though, no idea why not…

im still rofling at that …

Seems to me these clocks would end up smashed against the wall in smithereens in no time! :razz:

every evening i’m hiding my alarm clock :grin:
same effect and it’s also fun!

I can’t wake up to an alarm clock sound, which makes this obsolete to me.

i need an alarm clock i can put on at different set times coz snooze onli goes for like 5 mins, and i want to try different length intervals, any one know if u can download any for pc

I’m constructing a lego-roboter (only prototypical) that serves as an alarm clock for my study thesis :smile: It is supposed to distribute some items across the room shortly before going off, then ringing until you searched and found all the items and brought it back to the robot :content: