Cool experience... Though still no LD :(

Hey, I dreamt last night, that I was outside, and talked to a friend of mine, and flashing my bong everywhere. Like I didn’t care that I had a bong in my hands and people all saw it. Then I took a puff even though there was no hash in it. Later I remembered that I got to head home to get some hash. But then I was suddenly walking down this place, and a car was ahead of me with an old dude driving it. Then I suddenly remembered I took a puff from my bong, and I suddenly got high in a veeeeery strange way, I was laughing like hell it was cool, then I trippen on the road and the car crashed to the side. I suddenly jumped but I jumpet veeeeery high in the air, and EVERYTHING was going slow motion… And then I woke up…

Didn’t get lucid though… But it works to get high if you think you’r high :wink:

my very very fisrt ld i thought i was high… it was induced through meditation, and i woke during one of my dreams with the same sensation as being stoned…
this was many many years ago, and i havent been able to recreate it since… think i might give it a try though! (damned drug testing)


I’ve noticed that too, that sensations from dreams last for between a few seconds and a minute when you wake up. It’s nice to be stoned for a minute when you wake up

Dreams: a good way to get high when you’re being drug tested (Canadian Navy requires it…) and also a good way to smoke without hurting the lungs. I remember once in a LD i went around picking random plants and smoking them in a huge bowl :bounce: