Cool idea to try

kk, the weirdest thing happened to me.

I had a dream last nite, and than a lucid dream, and then a FA normal dream, than another LD.

Weird thing #1:

I dreamt of my g/f in my first LD and she was a DC but I didn’t know that so I made her conciouse of it being a dream and so I thought it was a shared LD, but it was all a trick.

Weird thing #2:

kk, my 2nd LD was just a normal one, i was jumping on houses and all that fun stuff, but I could remember my 1st LD completely, it was pretty cool.

Fun thing #1:

in my 2nd LD i tried eating some food I have at my house and it tasted EXACTLY the same, it was so siick, that I started trying different foods, it was amazingly fun.

Fun thing #2:

This is by far the coolest thing I’ve ever tried. A DC asked me to prove that it’s a dream so I stuck my hand through the table and stuck my other hand through and than started stretching the hole different ways and shapes, it was amazingly fun.

Over all these were my 4th and 5th LDs ever and they were both about a half hour long, just wanted to post up some ideas about how to have fun.

Oh and have you ever had a LD where you think it’s shared, but it turns out you were just tricked by the DC? It was so weird, and I seriously thought it was real so I asked my g/f if she had that dream but she said no :sad: i was disapointed and sad :sad:.

Yes, it’s rather common, I think.

hmm… maybe she just doesnt remember the dream. Ask her if she usually remembers her normal dreams. Although I beleive LDs are easier to remember than NDs

First of all, Congrats on the LD’s :cool_laugh: :content:

I have had an experience like that before. During my second LD i found my friend that turned me on to LD’s, and tried to convince him he was dreaming. He wouldnt believe me, so i grabbed him, turned around and there conviniently happened to be a mirror there, so i pulled him though it. I think i lost him after that, but the next day when i asked him if he had a LD, he said no :sad: .
Once again congrats :happy: , your ideas seem like fun, i’ll have to try them in my next LD :content: