Cool/strange experience.

i was just reading and messing about with WILD, and tried practising it (i say this because i didn’t take the other necessary steps i.e WBTB etc) so as i done this, i imagined a rotating chair in my head and the simple intent to rub my hands together if i should have a Lucid dream.

Next thing i remember is i had a dream etc etc, and in it my front tooth fell out, and i reliased it couldn’t be happening, that instant i woke up and tried hard to fall back into it, but was unable to. i got a weird feeling a short time while i was trying like i could “step” back into my dream while my eyes were closed… like just… “Knowingness” an hour or two had passed since i started this.

Anything? xD was my dream/lucid dream a result of me trying to WILD?

Possibly. It is quite hard to say certainly wether it was affected by what you have read or by what you have done.

What is undoubted, though, is that you are on track to lucid dreaming.